Kelta has decided to accept up to 48.000 ICOS tokens.

Even though Kelta an established data center and ICOBox an established provider of SaaS ICO solutions are not in partnership anymore original ICOS token holders will have a chance to use their tokens as initially intended.

In October 2017 Kelta has won the ICOBox voting with ICOBox pre-selling over 24 thousand ICOS tokens. All holders of ICOS tokens who took part in the voting were supposed to be able to exchange their ICOS tokens for KLT tokens once Kelta launches its Initial Coin Offering, which is now scheduled to start in the early April.

During the process of finalizing its product before its launch onto the market, Kelta’s team realized the need for certain improvements, which consequently lead to an end of a partnership with ICOBox.

“Despite the fact that our partnership with ICOBox has terminated we still want to deliver what was promised to people who voted for us. All clients of ICOBox who are ICOS token holders will have a chance to exchange their tokens for KLT.” Says Geroge Mac – CEO of Kelta.

Due to the fact that ICOS token holders already received the benefit from ICOBox the exchange of their ICOS tokens for KLT will be only possible in general sale instead of pre-sale.

Company name: KELTA

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