The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is turning one year old in September and one of the most successful decentralized applications has decided to celebrate the event in a very special way. Dvision Network, a blockchain-based metaverse, will be hosting the “Binance Smart Chain 1st anniversary in Dvision Metaverse.”

The virtual event will take place in the special Binance Hall within Dvision Network’s metaverse. It will last for six days from Sept. 8 to 13, with four to five hours of rewarding, educational and exciting activities each day. 

Join the BSC’s first birthday party

There will be much to do during this unprecedented metaverse-based conference and attendees will have the chance to participate in the airdrops sponsored by the BSC Builders, which are 30 leading Binance Smart Chain-based projects. 

They can get these airdrops by participating in events that will be conducted as in-game activities. It is expected that each day will be filled with up to four different airdrops that will be provided to the users in the valuable nonfungible tokens and native tokens of the participating projects. 

Some of the planned events include a game called Digging the Earth, in which users shovel certain areas activated at random locations during the event time for airdrops; a Dancing Event, which is a dance emotion imitation event held at the conference hall during the event; and OX Quiz, a quiz organized in the conference hall to catch characters that are trying to escape and are randomly created and spawned during the event. 

Innovative metaverse conference 

Having had a long history of successful metaverse-based conferences, the BSC’s first anniversary in the Dvision metaverse will have many useful and innovative features for attendees and projects. 

The projects associated with the event are reputable projects that have emerged in the fast-growing BSC ecosystem. Some of them include Alpaca Finance, which is an innovative decentralized leveraged yield farming platform that has amassed users since its launch. 

Splinterlands is an NFT card trading and gaming platform that recently partnered with gaming giant Animoca Brands. X World Games is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the BSC and Ethereum. 

Curvegrid’s MultiBaas blockchain application server makes it easier, faster and less expensive to build business applications on the blockchain. Liquidifty is a cross-chain NFT platform that allows users to purchase NFTs from any platform. 

Refinable is a BSC NFT marketplace that is fast becoming a hub for NFT lovers. Other partners include My DeFi Pet, BunnyPark, BabySwap and many more. 

The event will also be a major milestone for the Dvision metaverse due to the extensive nature of the BSC. The last event held by Dvision had a huge turnout and there is no reason to think that the one-year anniversary will not surpass these numbers.

To join the attendees in this virtual event, users can now pre-register to get notified when access to the BSC Anniversary Hall is available. 

About the Binance Smart Chain 

The BSC was launched approximately a year ago to provide an affordable and efficient smart contract solution for the DeFi and NFT industry. 

Since then, the smart contract ecosystem has garnered extreme success and has become the home of multiple DeFi and NFT projects. 

About Dvision Network

Dvision Network is a blockchain-based metaverse that allows users to create avatars and participate in a virtual ecosystem. Users can create NFTs without prior knowledge or experience by leveraging the tools made available within the Dvision Network metaverse. 

The platform is powered by the Dvision Network (DVI) utility token, which is traded on major centralized and decentralized exchanges. Dvision Network was initially built on Ethereum and further connected to the BSC via the MultiBaas bridge. Users of the BSC can trade and exchange the BEP-20 version of the DVI token on popular BSC DEXs such as PancakeSwap.