Seoul, South Korea — The blockchain-based metaverse Dvision Network is set to become part of history in what promises to be an action-packed event. The nonfungible token metaverse will host a live debate on the cryptocurrency legislation and improvement measures organized by the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

Live debate to be broadcasted within the Dvision Metaverse

The live debate will be conducted within the Dvision Metaverse on Aug. 12, 2021, from 2:00 pm KST to 5:00 pm KST. The event is a landmark event initiated by the Korean parliament in collaboration with the legislators from leading political parties such as the Democratic and People’s Power parties.

The issue of legislation of cryptocurrencies has emerged as a hot topic globally. Many in the financial sphere see improving existing Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering compliance practices and tax filings as the way forward toward ensuring proper crypto regulations.

South Korea is regarded as an industry frontrunner in this aspect and the debate will address these core issues within the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, the debate is expected to attract experts, including the Korean National Assembly government officials, who will express their opinions on controversial issues within the cryptocurrency sphere.


The first speaker, Jeong Sangho, the CEO of leading crypto finance company Delio, will address the adoption of the custody and wallet business services from a legal perspective. The second speaker is well-known lawyer Jo Wonhee, chief attorney of D’Light Law Firm, who will discuss existing deficiencies in the Special Financial Information Law that was passed by the South Korean government in early March 2021 in order to initiate an early crypto regulation. The speaker is expected to emphasize the weak points in the key legislation and will address the improvements required to be made in the Special Financial Information Law.

Jeong Jiyeol, the chairman of the Korean Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists Association, will be the last presenter who will provide insights into a methodology for compliance with the “Travel Rule.” The rule was mandated by the Financial Action Task Force and requires cryptocurrency operators, including exchanges and companies, to register their customer data and report it to the governmental bodies. This is expected to be one of the key presentations in the surge of the ongoing violations of AML and KYC practices that disrupt the further improvement of the regulatory and legislative aspects of the emerging technology.

The live debate will be attended by several other high profile personalities, including Lee Jeongyeop, chief judge at the Seoul Bankruptcy Court; Park Joo Young, a director of the financial innovation division at the Financial Supervisory Service; Lee Sangmu, a security authentication team leader at Korea Internet & Security Agency; and lastly Jeong Jiyeol, a deputy professor at the law department of Dankook University. The experts will engage in a lively debate in sharing their insights regarding several crucial topics in the cryptocurrency area, including but not limited to the taxation, legislation and regulatory efforts undertaken by the South Korean government.

Overall, the event is expected to be a major contribution to the advancement of legislative and regulatory efforts from the South Korean government toward the fast-growing crypto industry, whereas Dvision Network is making its contribution in this process by conducting this event in its unique metaverse.


Dvision Network at the forefront of crypto adoption

The debate is a major event for Dvision Network and shows the commitment of the blockchain metaverse toward crypto adoption in South Korea. Dvision Network has already created a 3D rendition of the event hall and users will be able to connect live to the event from the Dvision website as well as YouTube.

Dvision Network is regarded as one of the top NFT metaverse platforms in the blockchain industry. The blockchain metaverse establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem by utilizing its own virtual reality technology that helps lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe.

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