After its inception six months ago, innovation and progress for Dynamix have continued in all facets. This dynamic event-based and scalable token was a surprise for many crypto enthusiasts.

Rewards, taxes and buybacks are all integrated into the proprietary smart contract created by the Dynamix development team.

The project’s smart contract has been verified by and successfully passed Brewlabs’ security audit. Liquidity is locked by DXSales Network for 10 years. Additionally, the Dynamix team did not set aside any developer tokens for itself.

Rewards vary based on the number of tokenholders: When tokenholders increase, rewards also increase. The buyback system is also adaptable according to the number of tokens sold prior. The tax system is loyalty-based: The longer tokenholders keep their tokens, the lower they will be taxed if they decide to sell their holdings.

But the value of the project’s native token, DYNA, lies in the main goal of its project: targeting and eradicating scammers from the crypto world.

Dynamix Mission, an escrow platform created by Dynamix developers, aims to guarantee that all transactions for buyers and sellers are secure and risk-free. It allows professionals to offer their services with confidence, and to secure payments when their services are completed. Buyers benefit likewise — if the service is unmet or subpar, the transaction can be disputed for full reimbursement.

A beta version is available on the main website. NFT- and metaverse-related projects are also being developed.

The Dynamix Mission platform will be the best solution against scammers in the crypto world.