In today's society, some people believe that most cryptocurrencies are likely to be risky investments. Investing in a new asset class does have some risk, so GreenZone Foundation has been created so everyone can participate in this emerging new market class with no need to invest. GreenZone Foundation is a waste collection agency that rewards customers in the GreenZoneX (GZX) coin to incentivize customers to recycle, all while teaching customers about cryptocurrencies. GreenZone Foundation is headquartered in Dallas, Georgia and currently operates in Brownsville, Texas, Riverside, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

GZX is a TRC-20 token with a capped supply of 1,0000,000,000 and was created and launched by MYC Network. GreenZoneX optimizes the technological efficiency of the Tron Network to ensure eco-friendly, secure and lightning fast peer-peer (P2P) transactions on a decentralized network.

GreenZone Foundation was founded by a military veteran in an attempt to further the adoption of cryptocurrencies while educating customers about the importance of recycling and the impact cryptocurrencies will play in the near future. 50% of the total supply in GreenZoneX was purchased on the open market by GreenZone Foundation. MYC network launched the token as an effort to bring attention to recycling while displaying the crypto to real-world integration. GreenZone Foundation has three options to earn GreenZoneX:

  • Recycling bag (full) = 10 GZX
  • Recycling box (full)= 25 GZX
  • Permanent bin (full)= 50 GZX

The recyclables currently being accepted are cans and plastic bottles. Recycling bags have drop off locations for customers to redeem GZX. The box and permanent bin have free pick services. Customers will send the QR code for their GreenZoneX (GZX) wallet to GreenZone Foundation so it can be placed on their box or permanent bin. When GreenZone receives the pickup order for the recyclables, it picks up the customers’ recyclables and then airdrops customers their reward. The revenue generated from customers' recyclables gets put back into GreenZoneX.

Not only is GreenZone Foundation a recycling company, but it is also in the business of turning waste into art. Some of the recyclables are melted down and turned into physical coins, mainly brass and aluminum. GreenZone Foundation plans to mint NFTs backed by other precious metals, giving customers a tangible asset, backed with a digital asset. These NFTs will be placed in SuperWorld, a virtual world where users can buy, sell, collect and curate over 64 billion unique plots of virtual land where GreenZone Foundations owns prime real estate in SuperWorld. Their key property is Clayton's Beach Bar on South Padre Island, Texas. The biggest beach bar in Texas and a top tourist location for spring break.

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