Closing in on the release date of Ecio’s collaboration with Binance NFT, the acquirable nonfungible tokens (NFT) have now been unveiled along with their purchasing details. 

Binance NFT is the official NFT marketplace of Binance and offers an open market for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and creative fans around the world. Ecio is releasing its exclusive collection of NFTs on Feb. 26, at 11:00 am UTC.

Exclusive NFT collection

The collection consists of 9,999 Mystery Boxes called Mystery Space Pods. Each of these boxes can contain one of 15 different NFT drops from different rarity levels, with the most exclusive being Limited and Epic: These Space Warrior NFTs are Wu Ming and Colin, and only a few will be the lucky holders of these extremely unique NFTs. 

Wu Ming is a talented hacker who was forced to enter a life he never intended to live. He now must do whatever it takes to survive, including taking down anyone who gets in his way.

  • Class: Nuker
  • Rarity: Limited
  • Warrior quantity: 90 units
  • Warrior drop chance: about 0.9%
  • Full set quantity: 10 units
  • Full set drop chance: about 0.1% 

Colin is an ingenious mechanic who teamed up with other outcast warriors, scavenging the galaxy in search of valuable treasures to steal.

  • Class: Fighter
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Warrior quantity: 100 units
  • Warrior drop chance: about 1%

All dropped Space Warriors will have exclusive skins only obtainable through this special event. Wu Ming has a 0.1% probability of dropping with a fully equipped set. A Mystery Space Pod will be on sale for 45 Binance USD (BUSD), and each user can buy up to 20 units. 

NFT applications

There will be 9,999 Mystery Boxes on sale, including 199 boxes reserved for the community. The purchased NFTs are locked in Binance NFT’s ecosystem for 30 days, and afterward, they can be transferred to Ecio’s ecosystem and used for the following:

  • In-game play-to-earn (P2E): Each NFT represents a Space Warrior that can be used in Ecio’s P2E game environment. Ecio has multiple game modes to be added in several upcoming updates such as survival, mission mode, guild wars, boss raids and player-versus-player.
  • Staking: Ecio has a proprietary NFT-staking feature where one can earn passive rewards. The height of these rewards is determined by players’ Space Warriors battle points and can be stacked by adding multiple NFTs to their staking team. 
  • Trading: All NFTs can be traded — sold or gifted — on Ecio’s marketplace. Players can collect their teams and conquer the Ecioverse alone or with friends.
  • Upgrading: Ecio has developed two unique features to upgrade, strengthen and mint NFTs. Each feature has a burning mechanism for each NFT or token that is used to activate the function of a player’s choice. 

The following are Ecio’s two unique upgrading features: 

  • Battle Lab accepts NFT Blueprint fragments, which are acquirable as in-game rewards, and can be purchased from the marketplace, earned as rewards from regular Mystery Boxes and more. By combining three Blueprint fragments, a new part will be minted and attached to a player’s warrior. All parts have unique buffs and passive skills to strengthen players’ teams. The three used fragments will be burned and any tokens used to initiate the function. 
  • The Neuron Lab is activated by combining three identical Space Warrior NFTs to upgrade a player’s NFT to a new rank. There are five ranks available and each rank will unlock a higher achievable character level for a Space Warrior. The upgradeable ranks are Crewman, Lieutenant, Commander, Captain and Admiral. By initiating this function, two out of three Space Warrior NFTs will be burned and any tokens used. 

How to buy

To access the exclusive NFT sale, a Binance account is needed: 

  • Sign up for Binance and complete the verification process. Deposit or buy BUSD. Browse through the Binance NFT marketplace to become familiar with the environment.
  • One must make sure they’re logged in to their Binance account and have appropriate funds in their fiat and spot wallet. 
  • Head over to Ecio’s Mystery Box page here. Here, one will find a full description of the asset including price, quantity available and rarity level. Customers can select the number of Mystery Boxes they want to purchase, then click “Buy.” A pop-up will appear asking to confirm the purchase. Click confirm after verifying the details. 

After purchasing Mystery Boxes, one can either add them to their collection or open them. Both unopened Mystery Boxes and their contents can be traded on the Binance NFT marketplace. 

For more guidance, please refer to the following links:

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Ecio’s exclusive Mystery Pods will be released on Binance NFT on Feb. 26, at 11:00 am UTC. 


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