EDCON 2019 is headlined by the creator and Founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and supported by top programmers from the Ethereum Foundation and business leaders deploying Ethereum based solutions in their companies this is an event not to be missed by developers and tech enthusiasts.

It is a week long event, including EDCON HACK, Main Conferences, Sub-Conferences & Workshops.

EDCON 2019 Conference will be in the International Conference Centre in Darling Harbour Sydney on the 11th - 13th of April to get tickets go to www.edcon.io

EDCON HACK2019 has already begun on 8th of April and the hackathon will be a kick-off of EDCON Week, and the topic includes Sharding, PoS, Clients, Plasma, Channel, Snark, etc.: https://www.edcon.io/hackathon

EDCON Hackathon, focuses on Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions (Sharding, PoS, Clients, Plasma, Channel, Snark) . It's open to everyone who hasan interest in Ethereum and its use cases. The EDCON HACK team will provide supplementary resources, mentorship, and all candidates will be well fed and hydrated.  We will be cooperating with the Ethereum Plasma Team and world-class organizations to provide online training support for candidates. EDCON HACKATHON is open to everyone to register as a candidate or as a visitor.You can find out more bout the Hackathon here https://www.edcon.io/hackathon

EDCON2019 (Community Ethereum Development Conference, Sydney 2019) is part of the non-profit annual global Community Ethereum Development Conference series. It is organized by LinkTime, a Chinese Ethereum community aiming to improve the communication between global Ethereum communities and also to promote the development of an Ethereum ecosystem on a global scale. As a non-profit conference, EDCON has the support from the Ethereum Foundation, various communities, and companies deploying blockchain solutions!

EDCON Official channels:

1. EDCON announcement: https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1103949585653817345

2. 10% off if you buy ticket with tokens: https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1083338605341245441

3. Announcement of Speaker Vitalik: https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1082629630912225280

4. EDCON HACK Announcement : https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1085190660263600128

5. Hackathon Prize announcement (will be USD 10,000+): https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1106153043127472128 

6. Hackers get free tickets to EDCON week: https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1108682367458148352

7, Maker will provide 10,000 XDai on the spot: https://twitter.com/Linktimetech/status/1108310286476283904