Snowden will talk for sixty minutes about Web 3.0, data privacy and surveillance capitalism, and his use of cryptocurrency in the NSA leaks at the BlockDown: DeData Conference on December 3, 2021

London, United Kingdom, November 29, 2021 — This Friday, Edward Snowden will be appearing at Blockdown: DeData, a virtual conference fully dedicated to the challenges and alternatives of ownership and consent in this new era where data is the most sought-after commodity.

The former American former computer intelligence consultant, famous for leaking highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 while a subcontractor for the Central Intelligence Agency, will join a sixty-minute fireside chat about the importance of Web 3.0, data privacy and surveillance capitalism in our increasingly digital world.

Last week, Snowden—an enthusiast for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies—revealed that he used Bitcoin to hide his identity when buying the servers that made the NSA leaks possible. “You know that whole NSA story from almost TEN YEARS AGO? I paid for the servers that made that possible... using Bitcoin,” he said in a tweet.


Credit: Mike Mozart

Snowden’s revelations in 2013 uncovered the extensive network of global surveillance programs conducted by the United States and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance (the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments, which prompted a global discussion about individual rights, privacy and the monitoring and abuse of personal data by governments. 

Snowden will be appearing alongside privacy and security experts, industry leaders and academics, including David Chaum—the inventor of digital currency and the “godfather of privacy.”

BlockDown Conference was first launched in March of 2020 and is now preparing for its fifth event, this time fully dedicated to decentralized data, coming Dec. 3, from 2 pm to 10 pm CET (8:00 am to 4:00 pm UTC).

In this one-day eight-hour special conference, experts and academics from across the blockchain and crypto space will join to discuss data ownership, privacy, Web 3.0, personal information security and self-governance in detail through panels, keynotes, fireside chats, debates and much more. 

BlockDown DeData aims to educate the public about the use and abuse of data in a world where everybody is a digital citizen. Nowadays, security breaches and manipulation of data can be powerful enough to put entire countries at risk, cripple large institutions, affect the way we see the world and even turn the results of government elections.  

Erhan Korhaliller, CEO of leading Web 3.0 public relations agency EAK Digital and founder of BlockDown, said the event would educate, inspire and make people aware of the importance of data in this era.

“DeData’ puts the power back into the hands of individuals. We look forward to welcoming guests to Blockdown so they can find out more about what decentralized data is and the many different advantages and current possibilities of taking control of your data. Your crypto is making yields, so why not your data?”

BlockDown DeData will be streamed as usual across top media in the crypto space including CryptoSlate,, NewsBTC, CryptoNews, Bitcoinist and CriptoNoticias, making it available to millions of viewers easily through these sites’ home pages.

Previous editions of BlockDown have already attracted some of the biggest names in the industry including Akon, CZ, Charles Hoskinson, Erik Voorhees, Sergey Nazarov, Roger Ver and Nicholas Merten from DataDash, all providing glowing feedback.

BlockDown Presents: DeData takes place on Friday, Dec. 3. To find out more and to order tickets, visit or email for further information.