Immortal Cat is an innovative nonfungible token (NFT) and token project backed by GeekCartel Venture Capital and partnered with Tenset. The project is inspired by the Egyptian mythology of Anubis, the god of life and death. 

Immortal Cat’s public presale is on Thursday, June 30.


Immortal Cat is using the characteristics of 300 historical figures for 2,266 Immortal Cat NFTs with unique aesthetic value.

Immortal Cats are separated into five species: smith, wisdom, magic, art and genesis NFTs.

Immortal cat ecosystem

Immortal Cat is building its “civilization” step-by-step, according to its roadmap. 

Utility features

Immortal Cat is building an ecosystem with a constant value for Immortal Cat NFT holders. Immortal Cat Token (ICC) is the utility token with burning and buyback, sustained by these utilities:

  • Ethereum-network message cards let users spend ICC to mint NFTs with custom messages. Users can send them to any Ethereum-wallet address as publicity grows with Immortal Cat watermarks on the sent NFTs. Later, Immortal Cat may offer an NFT-trading escrow market without creator fees. ICC generated by message cards is burned. 
  • Immortal Cat is hosting a whitelist market for users to purchase whitelist spots with ICC. Token portions are allocated toward hiring a whitelist-spot manager. A portion of ICC is burned through sending whitelist spots to tokenholders, and a portion is allocated toward purchasing blue-chip NFT raffle tickets. Of the raffle-ticket revenue, 50% is burned, and 50% goes to the raffle market to buy more blue-chip NFTs. 
  • Immortal Cat is launching a coinflip game site that only requires Ether (ETH) — not Immortal Cat NFTs — to participate. The game is simply guessing heads or tails on coin flips — double or nothing. Winners receive double the ETH, and there is a 4% tax to buy back ICC on the exchange. 
  • Immortal Cat developers are releasing plans for the next ICC-funded NFT. Immortal Cat tokenholders can vote on projects to be created, and revenue generated from the next NFT project is shared between holders and the management team.

In the future, Immortal Cat will build a social hub on NFT World or The Sandbox. It is constantly renewing its blueprint to stay updated on the market. The development team doesn’t view this as just a game, next-generation collection or airdrop — all utilities are here to stay for the long-term.