El Capitan Advisors and Residual Token Inc. dba unFederalReserve are excited to announce a new strategic partnership.

March 25, 2021, New Jersey, U.S. – After five years of open dialogue between the companies’ founders, they have agreed to a synergistic relationship of proactive marketing, support and cooperation around an array of digital banking programs. 

This relationship includes joint marketing of unFederalReserve’s latest initiative, Reserve Lending®, the first operational stage of its business-to-business overnight deposit/lending solution. In return, El Capitan’s industry-leading cash and investment management services will be available to all users of the Reserve Lending® platform and unFederalReserve’s network of banks and non-bank lenders. El Capitan’s CEO, Andrew Nash said “[unFederalReserve] is helping to redefine the financial services industry through a professional, compliant, educated approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain” and is a service desperately needed in the creative economies that El Capitan’s clients navigate.

“El Capitan Advisors,” Andrew continued, “is excited for the opportunity to work with unFederalReserve. This alignment increases our service offerings to our financial institution clients and individual account holders by providing faster settlement periods, robust layers of new security and a direct link to cutting-edge technologies.”

“Our shared values of information security and service to others will produce a positive impact on both companies and the banking community,” summarized Howard Krieger, co-founder of unFederalReserve, who sees the combined venture opportunity rapidly contributing thought leadership to the role of treasury cash management.

Both parties recognize the importance of cash and liquidity management in banking processes such as those publicized by the Association for Financial Professionals. For instance, in certain cash-rich industries that transact large amounts of over-the-counter sales, companies within that industry may have challenges in distribution to multiple depository institutions because of either the legal status of the product being sold or the dollar volume being transacted. Alternatively, mortgage originators, for instance, may experience sharp declines in cash due to real-world payment latency that, in turn, triggers the need for overnight borrowing.

This strategic partnership opens the door to solve both of those industrial challenges by giving the cash-rich parties a way to safely earn interest on those deposits while meeting the short-term cash needs of the mortgage originators. 

The collaboration “is a natural blend of operational and technical cash management expertise,” said Howard. “In addition to our non-bank and small bank lender relationships, our technology gives El Capitan another arrow in the quiver to deliver top-notch cash management solutions.” Upward and onward, toward progressive, ever-expanding and equitable access to capital — together.

About Residual Token Inc. dba unFederalReserve

UnFederalReserve is a banking software solutions provider. It serves the global community’s growing need for advanced consumer finance technology, infrastructure and management. It is a global solutions provider leveraging local, boots-on-the-ground technology, compliance and capital markets experts. Residual Token Inc. is headquartered in New Jersey, United States with advisors and staff located in various cities around the world.

About El Capitan Advisors

El Capitan Advisors provides investment advisory services. Its services include wealth planning, strategic asset allocation advice, tax management, rebalancing, family office support network, assisting clients with their initial public offering process in the United States and Canada. The company also provides investment management services to the cannabis industry. The company caters to clients across multiple industries and sectors, including high-net-worth business owners, high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, investors, funds and financial institutions. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Santa Barbara, California.