Paris, France — The first launch of gaming project Emeth’s nonfungible token (NFT) collection was significantly affected by prohibitive gas fees, and it has decided to tackle what has been plaguing the NFT community for the past few months by introducing its second mint on the Ethereum blockchain on Dec. 21 with a solution to solve this dilemma.

Emeth’s solution is no fancy technical discovery; it’s down-to-earth and business-savvy. It involves refunding buyers’ gas fees up to 100%, depending on the total number of NFTs minted. By having their gas fees refunded, buyers will be encouraged to mint regardless of fluctuating gwei prices.

Buyers must register before the mint to obtain a refund. To register, click here.

The Emeth Project has been garnering significant attention over the past two months, and its Discord server now has more than 50,000 members. 

Emeth is a collection of 8,888 unique Golems invoked on the Ethereum blockchain, introducing the play-to-collect concept.

Once a month, grand battles are organized among Golem holders and other major NFT communities. Two teams of thousands of players face off against each other on a web-browser 2D strategy game inspired by Risk.

For each battle, Emeth NFT owners can: 

  • Collect rare NFTs: A limited collection produced in collaboration with the partnering projects (the opponents) can be looted by the players after the battles.
  • Sell battle tickets: Golem owners can generate passive income by renting their Golems. Each monthly battle requires a specific battle ticket to play, which can be sold later. The buyers are then able to play with the Golem rented and get a chance to loot rare NFTs. 
  • Farm Emeth tokens: The tokens are earned by playing the game. They can be used to buy weapons, shields, armors and boosters to improve Golems’ battle statistics.

Emeth is a multi-layered project offering many attractive reasons to take part in the adventure: 

  • Gas fees are refunded up to 100%, which gives a significant discount on minting. 
  • In January, the Stage 3 mint will be twice as expensive as the current Stage 2 mint (Dec. 21).
  • The game’s first iteration is live, and Stage 1 owners can now farm Emeth tokens in a 1-versus-1 auto-battle game.
  • The first steps of the roadmap are complete, and 2022 looks even more promising with the release of the full 2D strategy game, monthly battles partnering with major NFT projects, and Stage 3 and 4 mints.

To be eligible for a gas-fee refund, simply register for the presale on the website.

All registered users who mint on the presale opening on Dec. 21 will have their gas fees refunded up to 100%.

Want to learn more about Emeth? Check out the website here.

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