EMG is ready to take the telecoms industry by storm with the help of Emeldi Group, a seasoned telecoms company with 60 million active users and partners across the globe. As a Web3 company within the Emeldi Group, EMG will leverage Emeldi’s extensive expertise, technology, business relationships, and overall experience to quickly launch and scale, having a 20-year track record of delivering enterprise-grade products and services to institutional world telecom operators.

Flagship product Emeldi Commerce® runs on numerous prestigious telecom operators like O2, Telefonica, T-mobile, Deutsche Telecom, Vettel and Tesco Mobile, totaling 42 implementations. Emeldi Commerce® is the foundation and framework on which the EMG Super App has been built.


EMG Super App is the pioneer omnichannel solution. It is a decentralized Web3-based super app that is the first of its kind, offering an all-in-one destination for instant messaging, video calls, e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile money transfer and peer-to-peer transactions.


Powered by EMG Coin (EMG) — a utility token that facilitates transactions within the app — EMG Super App allows users to stay connected with loved ones, shop for the latest products and quickly transfer money, all in one place. It also offers a secure and decentralized platform for storing and managing digital assets, including crypto assets; a seamless and user-friendly interface for making voice and video calls; sending messages, media and creating group chats; and an integrated e-commerce platform with a wide range of products and services available for purchase using EMG Coin.

The app also features a comprehensive CRM system for managing and organizing customer interactions and data; a mobile money transfer feature that allows users to easily send and receive money using their mobile devices; integration with popular payment methods, such as credit cards and e-wallets; a loyalty program that rewards users for using the app and participating in various activities; and a marketplace for buying and selling various digital assets, including nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

The Emeldi Group has established a successful reputation for being an innovative software service provider to institutional telecom operators for over 20 years. EMG is uniquely positioned to bring positive Web3 blockchain technology adoption to the telecom industry via our products and services. Resulting in significant benefits for the unconnected and bankless populations throughout Africa, the Telco Super App launches in 2023, with plans for expansion to other world regions in 2024 and 2025. Our goal is to bridge the massive gap in providing last-mile access to digital finance, reduce the high cost of ownership of mobile devices, enhance the ease of instant mobile messaging communications and provide multiple service options through a one-stop digital e-commerce mobile application with extensible APIs for auxiliary integration to other lifestyle services like GameFi, sports betting, virtual gift cards, e-bill payment and more, which are major pain points for low and medium income countries in Africa.

In parallel, several ongoing Web3 applications are being developed by the EMG research and development team. With these applications, we target our current European mobile operator customers (T-Mobile, O2 Telefonica, Tesco Mobile, etc.)



One application will provide loyalty rewards programs via NFT smart contracts. We are partnered with Polygon, which currently supports us in the presale activities. Another application under development will simplify and speed up the new customer authentication for mobile operator customers. The current legacy process requires new customers to sign contracts in person in the mobile operator’s physical stores, provide their identification and sign 30+ pages of printed paper contract details. Our solution is designed for using smart contracts to enable a one-click authentication process featuring SSI customer authentication and full Know Your Customer compliance legally binding within the European Union.

EMG SuperApp is coming to your devices on Jan. 16th!

Mark Bystriansky, founder and CEO of EMG, commented:

“With our Super App, we want to provide valuable services to people in these countries to easily and reliably connect to our simple-to-use app and use it for their needs.“ 

About Emeldi Group

The Emeldi Group, founded in 1998, is a privately held company, and leading software provider to the telecommunications industry. Emeldi has spent over 20,000 days and counting on its flagship product, Emeldi Commerce®, an advanced, unified e-commerce and CRM platform tailored for the communications sector. With the introduction of its Web3-enabled EMG Super App, the company aims to bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected.