July 1, 2022 — In this era of information and commerce, independent choice is an indispensable force for a society controlled by power, authority and large-scale commercial institutions. Independent choice is the right to decide one’s actions without interference nor interfering with others. Like privacy, it is a fundamental right to protect one from deceit, manipulation, persecution and slavery for freedom and happiness.

Independent choice contains two key elements: Personality is the internal ability to think and judge information independently, while painless refusal, an external factor, is the ability to refuse something without hurting one’s self or others. 

It is highly challenging to exercise independent choice anywhere, at any time. Today, faced with dazzling advertisements from commercial entities, one may be unable to judge independently and be swayed into buying what they do not need. Even in the most democratic countries, people face various media agendas at politicians’ behest. By publishing the information people access, the media influences judgments and choices to achieve political ends. 

Even in the new age of social media, fierce competition and mergers and acquisitions have helped monopolists filter relevant information more subtly. In extreme cases, individual accounts are banned or censored, sometimes causing the loss of real assets and social capital. In some countries or regions, people can’t pursue certain beliefs or lifestyles under threat of persecution for their mere thoughts or words, lacking the opportunity to even educate their children.

To maintain independent choice, society cannot simply strive for freedom of speech — it also needs a benign environment for the dissemination of information that reflects reality and impartial evaluation. This environment must be free from political or commercial influence from any authority, country, region or belief system so people can talk freely and follow any message desired. 

Poverty also limits access to independent choice. While working long hours — serving political and commercial organizations just to survive — people are too occupied and exhausted to judge information effectively. Wealth provides more options when a choice has to be made. A few at the top look down at the “commoners” toiling for meager salaries, but given more ways to create wealth, everyone could achieve their goals.

The world has always been like this, but now there is a tool — encryption technology, which can help explore what lies beyond the boundaries of one’s reality. However, only by properly using encryption technology can one foster a benign environment for the dissemination of information outside external influence — with fair, diverse ways of creating wealth. 

Independent choice, like privacy, must become a standard in the social contract. The Emit Creators is a group that pursues freedom and truth, thinks independently, upholds human values and devotes itself to independent choice.

In November 2020, the Emit Creators proposed its vision for growing decentralization and constructing wealth through technology and launched several decentralized economic and information-dissemination scenarios and social experiments. However, the speed and efficiency of its exploration are still far from satisfactory, and it’s always looking for new Emit Creators to join the team.

How to become an Emit Creator

Interested parties must submit an application to foundation@emit.technology and specify their views, expectations and suggestions for Emit Creators and what they can do to fulfill its mission.

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Edward Yourdon — edward@emit.technology