Renowned Publisher to Release a Series of Branded Collectibles Using the Efinity Network

Singapore – 21 July, 2022 – Enjin, the leading ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced today a partnership with Square Enix to launch a digital collection of Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary cards and figures on Efinity, a scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring NFTs to everyone. The digital collectibles will be accessible to consumers who purchase items in the physical collection, which are expected to launch in 2023.

Consumers can pre-order the commemorative action figure starting today at the Square Enix Store. The deluxe physical product will include a code that can be redeemed for a digital version of the figure using the Efinity network, a next-generation blockchain for NFTs, powered by Enjin. Pre-orders for the trading cards will go live later this year.

Enjin is providing an alternative destination for eco-conscious blockchain developers, investors, and users. Collectibles are supported by Enjin’s full product suite, which provides environmentally-friendly solutions for building decentralized gaming products. Enjin is committed to carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030 and is building the foundation of Efinity on the most carbon efficient network, Polkadot. As a signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord, Enjin is striving for a decarbonized and sustainable cryptocurrency industry.

Witek Radomski, Enjin CTO, added:

“This partnership marks a coming-of-age phase for digital assets and entertainment; Square Enix, an esteemed developer with iconic intellectual property, is paving the way for the industry. By using Efinity, fans can experience interactive NFTs without even realizing they’re on the blockchain. Enjin can establish the next phase of growth in blockchain entertainment, merging curiosity and creativity.”

Square Enix utilizes the Efinity blockchain and the Enjin Open Platform toolkit to seamlessly integrate, manage and launch its digital collectible offering. The Efinity blockchain offers its users the benefits of efficiency, depth and deployability. Enjin’s robust NFT tech stack enables the wholesale management of Square Enix collectibles on the eco-friendly Efinity blockchain network, using and Enjin Wallet as the non-exclusive secondary-marketplace and wallet solution for users, and Enjin Beam for its unique and accessible QR code NFT distribution system.

The ease of Enjin’s NFT product stack integration ensures freedom in the creative process, allowing anyone to build their own NFT-based products and features, requiring no knowledge of blockchain specific architecture. For further details, visit ​​

Witek Radomski, CTO at Enjin available for interview upon request.

About Square Enix, Inc.

Square Enix, Inc. develops, publishes, distributes and licenses SQUARE ENIX®, EIDOS® and TAITO® branded entertainment content throughout the Americas as part of the Square Enix group of companies. Square Enix, Inc. is affiliated with a global network of leading development studios such as Crystal Dynamics® and Eidos Montréal™. The Square Enix group of companies boasts a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including: FINAL FANTASY®, which has sold over 168 million units worldwide; DRAGON QUEST®, which has sold over 84 million units worldwide; TOMB RAIDER®, which has sold over 88 million units worldwide; and the legendary SPACE INVADERS®. Square Enix, Inc. is a U.S.-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

About Enjin

Enjin is the leading ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering a comprehensive suite of products for creating, trading, distributing, and integrating NFTs into virtual worlds. As a scalable, affordable platform, Enjin's technology has seen wide application in blockchain games, apps, enterprise programs, and innovative marketing campaigns. The Enjin ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), a utility token used to back the value of blockchain assets. To date, over one billion Enjin-powered assets have been created. For more information, visit

About Efinity

Enjin is pioneering the next generation of NFTs with Efinity, a scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring NFTs to everyone. Built as a Polkadot parachain, Efinity will act as a hub for all fungible and non-fungible tokens, with Enjin’s paratoken standard boasting compatibility with tokens from any other blockchain. EFI is the native token of Efinity, designed for transaction fees, facilitating liquidity, community rewards, and governance. For more information, visit

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