3VERSE has announced the upcoming launch of its groundbreaking blockchain game. Prepare to power up the mech, dominate the competition and embark on a journey that will become more and more engaging as the game progresses.


Developed by a visionary team, 3VERSE is set to disrupt the NFT world, revolutionizing the way players interact with their NFTs. The game has already gained traction, captivating players with its exhilarating gameplay that allows NFT collectors to battle each other with their cherished Profile Picture NFTs.

Step into the arena

3VERSE has created a browser-based game offering an adrenaline-pumping Player versus Player (PVP) arena, catering to both casual and midcore players. By fusing the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 Profile Picture NFT with a Mech-Pod, one can unleash a unique G-Mech.


G-Mech possess distinctive attributes based on the NFT collection it is fused with. Enter the arena, engage in epic battles against other players and earn VERS token rewards, which fuel the 3VERSE ecosystem, allowing users to unlock upgrades and cosmetic items to personalize and enhance their G-Mech.

Things to be excited about with 3VERSE

Unlike many other Web3 games, 3VERSE is already playable via web browser or on iOS and Android, even before the token launch. Dive into the action and experience the thrill firsthand.

  • The VERS token offers a wide range of utilities, including the purchase of tech and cosmetic crates, booster packs, NFT fusion, leveling, NFT integration, voting rights and more. These tokens open up a world of possibilities within the 3VERSE ecosystem.
  • The team has partnered with multiple prominent NFT projects, allowing it to integrate with 3VERSE and battle other communities. The possibilities for collaboration and cross-IP experiences are endless.
  • Tokenomics is designed to ensure longevity and stability. For example, 10% of VERS tokens spent in-game are immediately burned, promoting scarcity and value appreciation.
  • Rise to the top by winning tournaments and ranked matches and earning unique items to set one apart from the competition. Or express your style by purchasing cosmetic upgrades for your mech, leaving your friends in awe.
  • At 3VERSE , expect endless fun and long-term motivation. It is a game that offers steady updates, thrilling 1v1 and 2v2 PvP battles, challenging PvE raids and much more.
  • A key differentiator of 3VERSE is its cross-IP compatibility, enabling Ethereum-based NFTs to seamlessly interact with the platform. This compatibility lowers the barrier to entry and expedites the onboarding process, setting 3VERSE apart from other Web3 games.

A few words straight from the founder

Attributed for his contributions to renowned titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and much more, 3VERSE founder Ryan Teo said:

“Our team of experienced professionals bring a wealth of expertise in blockchain, Web3, NFTs and gaming to the development of 3VERSE. 3VERSE is built upon solid gaming fundamentals, resulting in a captivating and engaging experience that allows players to come back for more.”

“At 3VERSE, our utmost commitment lies in nurturing a vibrant and all-embracing community, brimming with captivating prospects on the horizon. These initiatives will not only expand the 3VERSE ecosystem but also stimulate growth within the Web3 gaming arena as a whole, committed to providing an exceptional gaming experience that rewards players and celebrates their achievements.”

3Verse Token VERS

Central to the 3VERSE ecosystem is the VERS token (VERS), which will be listed on Uniswap on June 17, 2023. This utility token, which powers the entire blockchain game ecosystem, will enable players to engage in various in-game activities. The VERS token can be used to buy and sell virtual assets, participate in tournaments, access premium features and unlock the full potential of a gaming experience.

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain gaming, 3VERSE stands out by prioritizing gameplay and entertainment value over tokenomics alone. While other games may focus solely on token extraction, we believe that true success lies in delivering a fun and immersive gaming experience. That’s why 3VERSE has already attracted gamers through its playable alpha build prior to the IDO, cultivating a vibrant community centered around the game.

Join the 3VERSE community today

Discover the future of Web3 gaming and NFT integration by joining the 3VERSE community today. Immerse yourself in thrilling battles, unleash the power of NFTs and unlock the full potential of your gaming experience, whether you’re a casual NFT holder or a competitive esports player, as 3VERSE has something in store for everyone.

Visit the website to learn more about the game, sign up for updates and connect with the vibrant community. Follow 3VERSE on social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the new era of Web3 gaming by embracing the adventure and harnessing the power of NFTs by stepping into the world of 3VERSE today.

About 3VERSE

3VERSE stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing both the metaverse and NFT landscapes by introducing a unique and unparalleled platform catering to the passions of metaverse gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike. With its cross-IP compatibility, immersive gameplay and play-to-earn mechanics, 3Verse sets a new standard for Web3 gaming experiences.

Led by a team of experienced professionals and driven by a fun-first mentality, 3VERSE is poised to revolutionize the way players engage with NFTs and enjoy blockchain gaming. For any kind of query related to the 3VERSE project, make contact via email.