KEEPs Foundation has launched a new entertainment crowd platform. This platform is a crowd service for content creators utilizing decentralized financial services.

A general crowd platform makes investment by each personal investment, but this platform opened by KEEPs shows a very unique service in which content creators and customers share the reward revenue generated by staking virtual assets as a DeFi service.

KEEPs plans to make massive investments in various media content through this crowded platform. In particular, the team is preparing an audition program for influencers who create various content with a small budget, and winners in this audition will get a professional platform investment

The KEEPs platform adopts a global content metaverse world launched by professional content creators in Asia and blockchain experts. The first stage of their vision started with launching a content media platform in the second half of 2020. Then, on the second stage, the KEEPs team launched the crowd Defi service in September 2021. The third stage, metaverse platform “K-Verse” will be opened to be a professional content service platform.

Currently, KEEPs operates an official community to share information about projects and platforms. Users can find out more information in detail through the consulting service operating in several languages.

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