EO coin has performed exceptionally over the previous weeks trading, witnessing astonishing price gains on the back of the new ETC/EO pair. 

Trading volumes also grew dramatically at EO.Trade exchange, with further increases expected as new coins and markets are introduced across the EO ecosystem of products. 

Following on from recent listings, NEO/EO has been scheduled for introduction on Wednesday July 24th at 13:00 GMT +0:00.

As the most recent pair to feature on EO.Trade analysts expect a positive effect on trading volume, as highlighted by the sharp increase in figures after the listing of ETC/EO

The impact on EO coin was most significant as the price skyrocketed an astonishing 150% during the last week. 

EO coin is the heart of the entire EO Ecosystem, upcoming releases of the EO Market Analytics app in addition to even more currency pairs being listed against EO coin will only serve to further increase value.

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