As the infrastructure of artificial intelligence, the knowledge graph has been the key element of AI that develops from perception intelligence to cognitive intelligence. Recently, for the purpose of establishing a knowledge base for humans, Epik has reached upgrades from such aspects as new positioning, new solution, new ecosystem and a new journey by virtue of blockchain technology and has become important in energizing new infrastructure of cognitive intelligence.

New positioning: a decentralized, safe and trusted cooperation platform for knowledge graphs to build, share and benefit

Turning human knowledge into a knowledge graph is a multi-disciplinary project that requires a lot of labor and material resources, which cannot be done by just one country or enterprise. Moreover, the trust cost is high for the implementation of large-scale cooperation and co-sharing. Therefore, it is crucial to build a cooperation platform for knowledge graphs for the purpose of co-building, sharing and benefiting.

While blockchain technology has brought about trust mechanisms by means of ledgers in a distributed way, such blockchain technologies as IPFS, decentralized autonomous organizations and decentralized finance have matured gradually, providing a greater possibility for storage, production and transaction of knowledge graphs.

Epik’s decentralized safe and trusted cooperation platform for knowledge graphs has attracted more participants worldwide, such as domain experts, bounty hunters, miners and even institutional participants for data annotation and in-depth learning to work together. Based on a decentralized trust mechanism, the platform will eventually turn human knowledge into a human knowledge base via a reasonable incentive allocation and security configuration and thus push the weak AI to evolve into a stronger version of itself.

A new solution highlights four core abilities

Epik has constructed new intelligence and infrastructure with four core competencies, such as trusted storage (Filecoin), a trusted incentive (token), trusted governance (DAO) and trusted finance (DeFi). Filecoin brings in ecological resources to ensure the safe storage of knowledge graphs; the trusted token enables participants to make a contribution and enjoy more incentives to realize the ecological benefit-sharing for the builders; the DAO makes use of the development of voluntary collaboration in a distributed way to speed up automatic community governance in the whole process; and DeFi provides the market with diversified capital, which is good for the growth of the ecosystem. With these four trusted abilities established by the blockchain, the Epik protocol can lead the global community to establish knowledge graphs in all fields at a lower organizational cost.

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New ecosystem: deepens the cooperation and promotes the renewal of the ecosystem

Apart from establishing miner and knowledge ecosystems, Epik forms a closed-loop ecological system, which includes data annotation, storage and transaction, including but not limited to the provider of data annotations, open-source data partners and data application partners, such as Tsinghua University, Open Knowledge Foundation, OpenSLR, Chainlink, etc.

New journey: an epic journey lasting at least 50 years

For this upgrade, Epik has replanned the roadmap, including a series of major movements, such as the launch of version 1.0, version 2.0 of the Epik mainnet and community governance.

It will be an epic journey evolving from carbon-based life to silica-based life for 50 years, while Epik’s new project upgrade will be the first step of great importance moving toward a new era of cognitive intelligence.