Following the success of the seventh Huobi Prime event, Epik Prime (EPIK) — the newest project to list on Huobi Prime — began trading at 1:00 pm UTC on Aug. 27, 2021. Starting at the opening price of 0.012 Tether (USDT), EPIK skyrocketed to 0.64 USDT within just five minutes, indicating a price jump of 5233.33%. 

“9,760 users participated in our eighth Prime event, a significant increase from the prior one. We are continuing to improve the event based on feedback from our users and have garnered more enthusiasm from the community,” commented Ciara Sun, head of listing and blockchain investments. 

The event gave users the chance to win a share of a 36 million EPIK prize pool, valued at $26.59 million, based on a price of 0.73 USDT. According to Huobi data, 500 out of the 4,819 users won the first round’s random draw, during which 24,272 orders were placed. In the second round, 4,941 users were able to receive a share of a total prize pool of 27 million EPIK, indicating that each Huobi Token (HT) users bought new tokens with was worth 2.2857 EPIK in rewards. 

Sun added, “We are always looking for ways to create more benefits for our users and continually improve the user experience by adapting promotions according to their feedback.”

Both the Huobi Prime and Primepool events have drawn significant attention to Huobi’s listings of new coins. Exclusive access to such projects indicates that Huobi is providing more and more opportunities for its community. 

Potential rewards available through previous Primepool and Prime events

“The popularity of Huobi Prime events also helps us to promote the HT ecosystem, another goal that we are committed to. We conduct strict due diligence on the quality of a project when selecting candidates to ensure that our users can not only obtain rewards through staking or placing orders dominated in HT but also benefit from a broader wealth creation effect,” shared Sun.

Huobi’s third primepool event

Huobi is committed to creating more innovative ways for its community to receive rewards through the Huobi ecosystem. “We’ve integrated events such as Huobi Primepool and Prime into our ecosystem. Without support from our community, we wouldn’t have the success that we have today,” stated Jeff Mei, director of global strategy. Starting on Aug. 31, users can obtain newly-listed tokens by joining the third Primepool event.

Event details

Round one: From Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, users can receive Talken (TALK) token rewards by staking a fixed amount of HT or DeFine (DFA) (at least 1 HT or 5 DFA). The mining rewards will be distributed based on the user’s staking allocation on that particular day. Users can withdraw staked tokens at any time. 

Round two: From Sept. 3 to Sept. 7, users who lock in at least 1 HT or 5 DFA will be eligible for the second round of rewards. The same guidelines from event one will apply to event two.

Huobi Global has set up massive prize pools for these two events:

  • 24-hour HT mining rewards: 1,108,800 TALK tokens (round one); 207,900 TALK tokens (round two)
  • 24-hour DFA mining rewards: 475,200 TALK tokens (round one); 89,100 TALK tokens (round two)

How to participate

To enter the event, users can simply log in to the event page and start staking HT or DFA to receive mining rewards. To learn more about the promotion, click here.