Games have become a common way of lifestyle for the new generation. In the virtual world, players reflect their true feelings and inner lives through games. They live, love, and embrace the satisfaction of their achievements in games. However, all data generated by tons of gamers can only be stored in a separate game server; that is, an individual and their information are isolated from each other. If centralized servers go down, that valuable data generated by players will be destroyed as well. 

However, when it comes to blockchain games, this is no longer a problem. All the data will be saved on a public blockchain, protected by a smart contract, which cannot be tampered with. Meanwhile, the play-to-earn economy has been a boom in the industry and is playing a more significant role in the economic model.

From StarCraft to Dota, Crossfire gaming, League of Legends and Fortnite to IG and FPX, EDG’s championship has ignited the competitive fever of young Asian users.

With the rise of the GameFi, we can’t help but wonder what would happen if we combined esport and GameFi. Enter EsportFi.

Esports is the fastest-growing sports project in the world. In 2017, the domestic esports user scale reached 250 million, and the market size exceeded 5 billion.

Era7: Game of Truth, the world’s first light esports blockchain game, creates a new concept called EsportFi, which deeply integrates competitiveness with blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi). With blockchain technology, the safety, fairness and effective circulation of the game is guaranteed.

This provides users with some advantages:

1. Competitive mining is brought to the table, and competitive computing power is fully demonstrated here for the first time

Although GameFi can be simply demonstrated as nonfungible tokens (NFT)+DeFi, it focuses more on DeFi. GameFi empowers players with multiple ways of earning by providing liquidity mining and other methods.

In this game, a new computing power system is constructed through battles, contests and card collection. 

2. Comparison with the traditional GameFi projects in the market

a. Better interactions

EsportFi emphasizes more on interactions in terms of gameplay. The real-time matching system within the battles creates a stronger desire to win and a sense of accomplishment for participants.

b. Play-to-earn with more rewards in a shorter time

Based on the lightning battle round design, players can earn revenue in a shorter time. when it comes to quarterly or annual events, the revenue can be easily doubled.

c. EsportFi’s unique contest and betting system

Shortly, a contest will be developed where players can bet and place bids in the game. This kind of non-competitive contest system and gameplay allows more players to participate in the game. Like HEROcoin for example, players can make their own rules, or they can participate in the rules set by others. The tokens entered into the prize pool are divided into winner bonuses, contest creator rewards, and participation rewards after the contest ends.

3. EsportFi’s card trading module is more transparent

In traditional games, transactions of in-game assets are normally generated by the platform or a third party. With that, people pay high trading fees and have to navigate all kinds of restrictions, whereas, with Era7’s platform, the trading process is transparent and easy.

4. Spontaneous fun, variable rewards

Era7: Game of Truth has added random revenue to the real-time strategy and instant rewards of competitive battles where players can have more fun in the journey of discovery.

5. Rare NFT holders can enjoy more lucrative returns

EsportFi will conduct a comprehensive computing power evaluation design for rare NFT diamond hands with categories such as holding time, how they participate in the game, etc.

6. How does EsportFi benefit the blockchain?

EsportFi is a very comprehensive GameFi concept. No matter what type of user you are, the concept of competition is easier to absorb. It brings fresh vitality to the blockchain industry and completes the “transformation” in a true sense by leading traditional gamers to the blockchain.

EsportFi has maintained gaming innovation and GameFi while effectively creating a conducive area where players can compete and have fun.

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