Ethplorer, a major Ethereum network browser and free analytics provider, has announced the launch of the Bulk API Monitor, a first-of-its-kind developer tool that allows users to track an unlimited number of token portfolios and addresses. Bulk Monitor will become an indispensable instrument for smaller crypto exchanges, wallets, portfolio trackers and brokers, taking blockchain development to a new level. 

Bulk API Monitor by Ethplorer is a solution designed for monitoring large numbers of Ethereum addresses and tokens - up to hundreds of thousands or even millions. It is a much faster and more efficient alternative to regular APIs, which have to continually send calls to all the addresses on the list, with most receiving empty responses. This has been a serious challenge for exchanges, wallets, token sale platforms and other projects that need to track hundreds of tokens and thousands of addresses. 

Bulk API Monitor solves the problem by monitoring transactions on the Ethereum blockchain in real-time to detect any activity related to the addresses on the user’s list — fast and with minimal overhead. In particular, developers can track Ether (ETH) or ERC-20 transactions for specific addresses, as well as transactions with selected ERC-20 tokens for all Ethereum addresses.

The results can be easily filtered and exported based on the customer’s analytics needs. For instance, one can use Bulk API Monitor to track the flow of tokens to crypto exchanges to forecast sell-offs and price rallies. 

Subscription plans range from $0 to $699 per month, depending on how many addresses and transactions need to be tracked. The free plan should sufficiently satisfy the needs of most smaller projects, while larger exchanges and wallets will appreciate the opportunity to monitor the entire Ethereum blockchain for a fixed fee.

Bulk API Monitor has attracted significant interest during the testing stage and is already being used in Ethplorer’s other popular features: the Watching Service. This powerful tool is targeted at regular users and allows them to set up custom automated alerts via email and Telegram to get informed of any activity concerning selected addresses and tokens. 

About Ethplorer

With Ethplorer, users can easily track transactions, wallet balances and portfolios for any Ethereum address and ERC-20 token. The token browser is used by dozens of well-known blockchain projects, such as MEW, MyCrypto, Storj, CoinTracking, AmbiSafe, Status and Coinbook.

Ethplorer is also the only Ethereum monitor on the market to offer a full suite of free portfolio-tracking features. It displays the portfolio’s total value in U.S. dollars for any specified date, up-to-date USD balances for each token, and a convenient performance chart. Together with the Watching Service, this makes Ethplorer an attractive alternative to dedicated portfolio-tracking apps. With the addition of Bulk API Monitor, the service becomes an all-in-one blockchain analytics platform for regular users and developers alike.