Lithuania has launched E-Gates Ecosystem, whose products combine centralized and decentralized financial asset management tools. The first four services have been launched: Gateway, AutoKYC, Web3 Wallet and Bridge.

2023 brought a global crisis, problems in the worldwide banking system and inflation. More and more businesses are turning to decentralized solutions, integrating blockchain technologies into their processes and simultaneously experiencing increased pressure from regulators.

Today, two global areas require substantial work: the overall regulation of cryptocurrencies and the ability to protect the community of consumers and business owners. The second is the so-called mass adoption — the adoption of cryptocurrencies and processes related to their circulation and ways to accelerate it at all levels.

Understanding the stage that the entire crypto market and global financial system, in general, are currently living through, E-Gates Ecosystem, a Lithuanian company that opens up new opportunities for the implementation of cryptocurrencies and accelerates the entry of businesses and their customers into the WEB3 world, has announced its entry into the market.

Vadym Anisimov, CEO of the company, said:

“E-Gates Ecosystem is one ecosystem, place and resource that unites a chain of important fintech solutions. We have created an ecosystem of products that can be used by large and small companies, integrating and popularizing payments in cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, or quick verification among their customers, and accelerating their way to an easy connection between the digital and real worlds.”

The company has reliable partners whose products also operate in the ecosystem. This is the PassMe service, a convenient technological solution for AML and KYC procedures, and comprehensive DeFi solutions from the partner ChainGates.

Among the first releases of the ecosystem include:

  • AutoKYC: PassMe’s technical solution allows E-Gates to exclusively distribute AML procedures — automatic verification of identity, age, presence of users in terrorist databases and sanctions lists.
  • Chaingates Wallet: This is a non-custodial crypto wallet for easy and native familiarization with the Web3 environment and secure management of assets.
  • Gateway is a comprehensive solution for accepting and processing online payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • Chaingates Bridge is a decentralized service in the form of a bridge between networks that allows users to make inter-network swaps, with support for more than 10 networks and the ability to maintain the liquidity pool of their projects.

The E-Gates Ecosystem also provides opportunities for new development teams to enter a single, well-coordinated ecosystem and get the chance to use a utility token to reward their users — their motivation to be present in the ecosystem and receive additional benefits.

The developers of the E-Gates Ecosystem are convinced that the efficiency of any business today lies in the plane of high-quality interaction and interpenetration of the Web2 and Web3 worlds.

Anisimov said:

“We are creating a single native ecosystem of centralized and decentralized fintech products guaranteed to meet the needs of businesses and their customers at all levels. Today, Web3 pioneers ensure rapid business growth even in times of crisis. Companies that operate with cryptocurrencies are many steps ahead, while others are lagging, losing profits. The products of our ecosystem can make it easier to enter the digital asset market for those who have not yet had time to adapt for some reason. We can help you scale your opportunities today.”

About E-Gates Ecosystem

Founded in 2021, E-Gates Ecosystem is a fintech ecosystem that combines decentralized and centralized solutions to accelerate and simplify entry into the digital asset market for companies and users. It is an exclusive distributor of PassMe technologies and a partner of ChainGates. PassMe is responsible for customer and technical support and providing web and mobile versions of its services. At the same time, ChainGates plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting DeFi solutions in the ecosystem.

Media contact

Daria, UAB E-Gates