The carbon-free Evadore blockchain is essential for protecting the environment with renewable energy! The project is here to create a greener future and a more sustainable lifestyle. Eco-friendly for the world, fast for everyone!

A launchpad session for Evador starts on P2B exchange.

Who is Evadore?

Evadore is a Regenerative Finance project created to leave the world in the best way for future generations and to find solutions to environmental problems around the world. The project has implemented strong security measures to protect users' funds and data from malicious attacks. This combined with its decentralized nature has made it a secure and reliable platform for businesses and organizations.


Evadore ecosystem

The Evadore ecosystem is a leader in reducing emissions to zero and helping to achieve the goal of a carbon-free world:

  1. EvaLabs finds blockchain entrepreneurs, existing startups and communities, gathers, invests, empowers and leads environmentalists by funding industry projects aimed at developing their own ecosystem.
  2. EvaChain is a decentralized launchpad that allows users to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale. Evadore offers multiple other features to help you with the overall token launch.
  3. GreenWallet is built on Eva Chain and is intended to securely store cryptocurrencies on all networks owned by users. It is a leading multi-currency crypto wallet.
  4. EvaPay is a worldwide cryptocurrency payment technology where you can get payments from all your friends, family, or customers.
  5. Evadore Forest is a forest project established in the ecosystem to support carbon emission reduction, with trees with the highest oxygen emissions in order to offset the carbon emissions emitted to the world.
  6. EvaStore, where purchased carbon credits will be directly transferred to projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions.
  7. CarbonEva is an application where you can calculate the amount of carbon emissions from your daily activities and get suggestions on how you can reduce the amount of carbon emitted from your daily operations.

The main goals of Evadore

Evadore's vision is to create a carbon-free world in a changing world order. Eva Chain is much more than a blockchain. The Evadore ecosystem is not designed by any person or organization, it is an organically evolving structure supported by green people who feed the ecosystem to make it more vibrant and diverse, who think about how to make the world more carbon-free, and who strive to make our planet more livable. Joining the IEO session of Evadore on the P2B exchange.

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