Nonfungible tokens have garnered a lot of interest over this past year, seeing the creation of multiple NFT marketplaces involving well-known artists from various genres. However, this has left some speculating on what is left of this trend — whether the NFT bubble is destined to burst, or if it already has.

Evelyn seeks to provide solutions to these concerns by offering significantly more value to the community it intends to serve. Beyond being a marketplace for NFTs, the Evelyn platform will act as a hive for creativity and inspiration, not only fueled by the interaction from all members within the Evelyn community but also as one that provides real value and greater clarity to the artists who support it.

What is Evelyn?

Evelyn (EVE) is an ERC-20 token. The name “Evelyn” represents “the source of all life,” as life is an art and Evelyn intends on being the source.

EVE will be used as the medium of exchange within the Evelyn ecosystem, which will be developed for both iOS and Android and also offer all artists the opportunity to publish their work on the platform with few barriers to entry. Community members can interact with the work they come across on the platform by leaving a comment or reaction, a feature similar to other well-known social media platforms. Members can also contact the artists directly, as an opportunity to purchase the work they adore. The Evelyn platform will operate similarly to an online gallery, only open to everyone, at any time and within a few clicks.

Designed and built by young Italian developers with the support of mentors and industry advisors within the blockchain space in Italy, the Evelyn model aims to provide the required network for the performance-hungry NFT industry with engaging, long-term solutions.

The launch of the platform

The Evelyn platform is scheduled for release in early 2022 and will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. With a series of intermediate steps along the way including partnerships with various artists, these will help the Evelyn community grow and evolve into a staple within the NFT industry. 


The public sale of Evelyn

Eligible candidates will be able to participate in the pre-sale of Evelyn, which commences on July 1.

Once the pre-sale is filled and has ended, the public launch will then proceed via Uniswap. 

For more information on Evelyn and its pre-sale:

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How to stay up to date with Evelyn

You can follow Evelyn’s official social media accounts and visit its website for more information, or follow its Telegram to stay up to date on any announcements: