Velas Network, the world’s fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain, is expanding its variety of services by introducing a new fund and accelerator program. The Swiss-headquartered company will use its expertise in the crypto and blockchain industry to support talented developers and entrepreneurs.

Early in 2022, Velas became a premium partner of the Ferrari Scuderia team. The Velas team continues its path to maximize its presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries by launching a new initiative.

The fund will be represented by Velas’ new subsidiary company, and it will be managed by a team of professional developers, marketing experts, designers, crypto experts and more. This team will work together to analyze and estimate the value of crypto projects, startups and original ideas.

Anyone interested in participating will be able to submit an application, which will be reviewed by the fund’s panel of judges. Once the projects with the highest potential are approved, participants will get a chance to join the Velas acceleration program. The Velas acceleration program will offer the following services:

  • Development support: If one has an exciting idea but is missing a development team, Velas will assist them in building their project.
  • Mentorship: One will be able to ask the platform’s mentors for professional assistance. These experts will help lead projects and overcome development, networking and marketing challenges.
  • Acceleration: The fund can help with any issues related to fundraising, organization of private sales, the project’s initial coin offering launch and more.
  • Marketing support: Velas will ensure the promotion of an applicant’s project gets maximum exposure. The Velas team will help with creating top-quality content, marketing and design. The fund also offers the chance to establish partnerships with the most popular crypto influencers and traders in key opinion leader-marketing services.

This initiative will also help to popularize the Velas (VLX) token by being utilized by the accelerator program’s projects as a payment method. The Velas blockchain can also be integrated into projects and startups to provide stability and the fastest transaction speed with the most reasonable transaction costs on the market.

This latest program aligns with Velas’ reputation as a proponent of new talent in the blockchain and crypto communities. 

“Velas has always been supporting talented and innovative crypto enthusiasts ready to start working on forward-looking projects,” said Farkhad Shagulyamov, CEO of Velas. 

Speaking on how he believes the program will benefit new developers and the crypto industry as a whole, Shagulyamov said, “I believe that our fund will open new possibilities for them as well as significantly contribute to the development of the whole Velas ecosystem and crypto industry.”

The accelerator program will last up to three months. The minimum investment possibly given will be $25,000 — receiving an investment depends on criteria such as project stage, team expertise and the development of the project. The program will provide all participants with professional remote assistance.

The Velas team has already started collecting the first applications through its existing grants program form.

The fund does not yet have specific requirements or policies. All participants with a great idea or a ready-to-launch crypto project can apply for support from Velas.

Many talented developers can start sharing their exciting ideas with the Velas fund. The organization will start operating this year, so it’s just the right time to submit applications.

About Velas

Velas Network was founded in 2019 by two crypto entrepreneurs, Alex Alexandrov and Farkhad Shagulyamov. Nowadays, Velas is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland — known as Crypto Valley. The company has already built the fastest EVM-compatible blockchain. It offers up to 75,000 transactions per second and extremely low transaction fees. The Velas company actively establishes partnerships with different world-known companies and crypto startups. For example, it has started cooperating with the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari.