Exeno.com is an innovative global online store. The platform allows customers to pay for selected goods with Bitcoin, Ether and novice Bitcoin Vault with no fiat conversions. Customers can forego any hassle related to exchanging crypto to other currencies. This is a huge step for the e-commerce industry toward adopting cryptocurrencies in everyday shopping.

  • Exeno.com offers products at standard market prices and accepts Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Vault.
  • Worldwide shipping from the European Union via TNT, FedEx, DPD.
  • Low transaction fees with real-time crypto payments and no other costs. 

At Exeno.com, shopping is fast, convenient and safe with a unique, simple and intuitive registration process. No additional Know Your Customer procedure is required. Customers from all over the world, regardless of their proficiency in cryptocurrencies, can use their digital coins to quickly and securely purchase popular products ranging from electronics, cosmetics, sports accessories to travel gear. More popular categories will be added over time, including moto, art, culture, entertainment, home, fashion and health. The offered products come from the official distribution networks or directly from manufacturers.

The payment process and price guarantee

Low transaction fees (1,8% per shopping cart) are the biggest advantage for Exeno.com users. Exeno, in partnership with Kanga Exchange, has developed a unique solution that allows for the settlement of cryptocurrency transactions in real-time. Customers can quickly check the balance of their funds, pay for products and withdraw funds from their store wallets. Prices of products depend on the current cryptocurrency exchange rate (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Vault, Ether). 

The prices are dynamic and may change while browsing, but because of the immediate payment solution, the customer will never experience any unexpected additional costs. The entire process is transparent and does not strain the user by requiring any unnecessary steps or inputs.

The operation area and delivery

Exeno.com is open to global customers. Shipments are carried out by specialized shipping companies — TNT, FedEx and DPD. Customers are kept informed about the status of the order, shipping date and the tracking number. Goods are delivered within 72 hours from the moment the order is placed. Due to security measures, the limit for a single purchase at Exeno.com is $10,000. The offices of the shop operator are based in Warsaw, Poland. For more information, please visit Exeno.com.