On March 30, Exploit Network, a cross-chain privacy payment project, released a new roadmap for the next 12 months. According to the roadmap, Exploit plans to continue to explore different blockchains to establish a privacy payment network based on EN-Protocol. In addition, Exploit’s governance asset, EN, and the first batch of liquid mining pools are going to be launched on the Huobi ECO Chain at the end of April.

The construction of the liquidity pool on BSC has also been added to the agenda and will be officially released in May. By then, EN will be able to circulate within both BSC and Heco and finally enable cross-chain asset conversion via cross-chain bridges, which will be launched by Exploit from June to July.

Luis Cora, founder of Exploit Network, said:

“I am very happy that the team members can stay online at all times to make things go forward before the epidemic is over.”

Meanwhile, the team also brainstormed a lot during offline activities and provided feasible suggestions in many aspects for Exploit’s routes, which enabled the Exploit Network to launch a new route plan as quickly as possible.

The first phase

The liquidity mining, which is planned to be launched at the end of April, will be released alongside EN. By then, before April 30, the number of circulating ENs will not exceed 400,000. Specifically, community partners will release 370,000 EN (accounting for 3.7% of the total amount) at once; 10,000 will be released by task airdrops (0.1% of the total); and no more than 20,000 (0.2% of the total) will be used for liquid mining and market-making.

In the first phase, to ensure the progress of liquid mining and prevent a large selling pressure on the subsequent markets, the design will be based on the absolute output scale instead of the popular APY adjustment method. Meanwhile, the Exploit team hired market makers from Europe who provided auxiliary guidance on the situations of EN circulation.

Participants can exchange EN or inject liquidity through the decentralized exchange on the Heco chain and participate in the liquidity LP pledge on Exploit Network’s official website to gain income.

The second phase

Since numerous suggestions have been proposed on the deployment of mining pools and tokens in BSC in the current global business promotion, the team decided to prioritize support for BSC. Consequently, it is expected to be officially launched in May, which will create a seamless connection to the Heco deployments.

The team is also communicating with the IDO and liquidity pool platforms on BSC to extend the ways of participation for BSC users. Meanwhile, the asset conversion support of wallets and exchanges will take priority over the cross-chain bridges, which are to be launched from June to July. By the end of the first stage, EN will have been circulating on centralized exchanges. Support for the dual conversion of Heco and BSC will be successively enabled by then.

The third phase

Exploit will officially deploy the cross-chain bridges and start the tests for contract interactions. In the meantime, the testnet will be launched together with the deployment of cross-chain bridges. EN holders will be able to use the products from the pages of the cross-chain bridges on the official website.

In order to attract participants for the testnet, Exploit will collect active addresses that have interacted with the contract during this period and issue airdrop rewards for all the addresses. The rules of this plan will be announced before the third phase starts. It is expected at that time that there will be no more than 800,000 EN circulating on the market.

The fourth phase

If the testnet progresses smoothly, Exploit Network will launch the official version of the privacy network in Q4 2021. Moreover, the network support of layer two and Polkadot parachain will also be carried out before the fourth phase. Similar to the deployments on BSC, cross-chain bridges will be built, and token circulation will be enabled.

DAO community

The support and construction efforts from individuals are necessary for a prosperous community. Therefore, Exploit will focus on the growth of C-end users in the market and invest more from its budget to expand the community. The specific measures are:

  • Regular progress updates
  • EN Community Ambassador Program
  • Cooperate with more regional operating agents
  • Create Line, WeChat and Kakao groups
  • Translate content into various languages to improve accessibility.