Blockchain is one of the leading emerging technologies today because of its exceptional characteristics: consistency, transparency, security and more. However, the application of this technology in practice is still quite tricky. Current blockchain platforms still do not meet the actual needs of businesses and users in the best way because of poor performance, cost and non-optimal end-user experience. Realizing the market’s potential and the existing shortcomings, the founding team of EZChain has launched a new generation blockchain platform to help solve the above problems.

The blockchain platform to improve performance

Network performance is one of the biggest problems facing blockchain platforms today because of its slow transaction processing speed and small transaction processing capacity. EZChain can perform about 4,500 transactions per second on each blockchain using a consensus mechanism with the Snow algorithm. Furthermore, the transaction validation time is less than two seconds, with data synchronization of more than 80% validators — even though the number of validators is vast.

Optimizing resources to save costs

To launch an independent blockchain platform, businesses need to invest a lot in researching, building, developing and operating validators. This will cost businesses considerable time. In addition, the effort and money that businesses need to build their blockchains will often be limited by technology resources, decentralization and any network’s low security.

One of the leading applications of EZChain is to make it easy for individuals and organizations to easily create custom public chains or private chains at a low cost. EZChain has three default blockchains running parallel with other custom blockchains: P-Chain, X-Chain and C-Chain. While P-Chain is used to coordinate validators, X-Chain manages assets, and C-Chain helps create smart contracts.

In particular, EZChain’s C-Chain is not only compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) but also optimizes many features for EVM and is defined as EVM++. Some outstanding features that EVM++ supports, EZChain also supports, such as helping with batch transactions, executing bytecode, storing transaction history and verifiable delay functionality that generates random results. 

Simplifying the end-user experience

EZChain’s mission is to simplify the application of blockchain technology and optimize the end-user experience, making it easier for them to apply blockchain technology and help businesses retain users.

Therefore, EZChain focuses on building features and utilities that bring the most simplicity to users — starting with the feature of paying gas fees for the end-user. With this feature, decentralized app (DApp) builders will be able to pay gas fees for their users.

For example, an e-commerce business issues reward points to customers on different blockchain platforms. To use these points, the customer will have to buy the native token of the blockchain platform to pay gas fees. Therefore, customers will have to find a place to buy the native token and calculate the appropriate cost to avoid a redundant, useless native token surplus. With EZChain and low transaction-processing fees, businesses can choose to pay fees on behalf of end-users, similar to businesses renting a server to host their website. When transacting and using products and services, customers will not have to go through the complicated steps of buying original tokens and paying fees.

In addition, EZChain also cooperates and invests in projects to build DApps to serve users’ needs in life, such as e-commerce or financial management.

As of now, EZChain deployed mainnet version 1.0.0 on March 28, 2022. Details about EZChain can be accessed at the following links: