The launch of Fabwelt is just around the corner and in less than 24 hours, its native token (WELT) will be live on Quickswap on Nov. 16 at 13:00 UTC. Fabwelt was founded in March 2021 and it is a project that creates blockchain games with advanced gameplay. It will develop high-end games for all types of genres like 3D first person shooter, action-adventures, simulation, strategy and fantasy games, and more. 

Fabwelt was incubated by Oddiyana Ventures, a firm with seasoned team members who have a wealth of experience and widespread networks in the crypto space. It has raised $995,000, led by Oddiyana Ventures in its fundraising and it is backed by some of the well-known venture capitalists in the space like Moonwhale Ventures, Chronos Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Kommunitas, NFT Technologies, IBC International Blockchain Consulting, Wealth Union, Fairum Ventures, Vespertine Capital, Milky Way and Banter Capital. 

To diversify its community and audience reach, Fabwelt has run an initial DEX offering (IDO) on eight different reputed launchpads; namely Multipad, CyberFi-Samurai, Astronaut, Kommunitas, Polkabridge, Anypad, Maticlaunch and BSClaunch.

Fabwelt is amplifying the fun of gaming with its in-game NFTs, DeFi and play-to-earn gaming model. All games will be integrated with blockchain technology at its core and it aims to revolutionize the overall gaming experience on the blockchain. It will bring a whole new gaming metaverse with an advanced gameplay experience. 

As per the current market trend, GameFi has immense potential in the market with its integration of blockchain technology. It has started to unleash itself with brilliant ideas and techniques to incentivize active users with surprisingly high rewards. Fabwelt not only tries to maximize the incentives but also aims to develop high-quality blockchain games for both gamers and non-gamers to enjoy the experience on its platform. 

WELT token holders will be able to use the tokens in the gaming ecosystem, staking and in-game DeFi. The gaming ecosystem will allow the users to explore the token in some of the ways mentioned below:

  • Players can interact with other players on different games to exchange their tokens;
  • They can stake, enter the tournaments, and farm/earn other tokens and;
  • NFT marketplace will provide additional benefits for wallets holding WELT tokens.

Users can simply stake and collect rewards or, they can also participate in its pools for generating passive income. Gamers will have to stake their tokens as a gateway ticket to enter the tournaments and with a higher amount of token staking, they will also have access to additional features in the game. 

Interestingly, Fabwelt also plans to have a reward system for its early token holders to build a strong bonding and lasting relationship with its community. 

About Fabwelt Games

Arsenal and Fanwelt are the two games that are currently under development by Fabwelt. 


Arsenal is a 3D first-person shooter (FPS) game with its unique in-game NFTs as utilities and a play-to-earn gaming model. It involves servers across the globe and global tournaments that will be available after the successful deployment of its mainnet on the Polygon network.

Arsenal is an MVP with the very first introduction of Fabwelt in-game NFTs, which have far more extended utilities than simply being collectibles. It introduces NFT technology as usable utilities supplemented by known use cases as collectibles and assets. Players can use specific NFTs to trigger special features/actions in the game such as:

  • Making the character run faster for a short period;
  • Opening doors/boxes;
  • Giving your opponents a cloudy vision for a short time;
  • Activating infinite ammo;
  • Looking through walls and;
  • Increasing building speed.


‘Fan’ means Fantasy and ‘Welt’ means World. It is a fantasy sports platform designed with an experience of over six (6) years by the Fabwelt team. Fantasy sports are a fun way to enhance sports knowledge and blockchain provides the right platform to incentivize its users with the time they spend on it. Fanwelt will eventually introduce all kinds of sports on the Fanwelt platform and the users will be able to explore and find a whole new way to relish sports gaming.

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