Following a successful soft launch event at Art Basel in Miami in December 2021, Faith Tribe is honored to launch an initial exchange offering of the FTRB token today, built-in collaboration with Brock Pierce, Define Labs, and Mario Nawful at NFT Technologies. The dual-chain token will be launched on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. 

Faith Tribe is an industry-specific ecosystem built for the sole purpose of democratizing fashion and empowering independent creators around the world, both in the metaverse and physical realm. The project will be building a bridge between the physical fashion industry, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse.

Audited by Certik and Omniscia, FTRB will begin trading on several top-tier centralized exchanges, including Uniswap. Today, FTRB will launch on AscendEx and also be introduced on decentralized exchanges through marquee launchpads: Red Kite, BullPerks/Gamespad and Synapse Network. This offering will be followed by trading on BitMart on Feb. 28. FTRB will thereafter launch on other prestigious exchanges in the coming weeks.

Faith Tribe is proud to announce its nearing completion of a venture-capital and fashion private-equity seed round. While the round is yet to close, with several leading funds currently completing their due diligence process, it is honored to announce an already-onboarded consortium of backers led by NFT Technologies, AscendEx, Master Ventures, Shima Capital and TLF Ventures, Alpha Stone Capital, BullPerks, Flow Investments, Gains Associates, International Blockchain Consulting Group, Oracles Investment Group, Origin Ventures, Seed Thrift Ventures, SL2 Capital, Stakez Capital, Synapse Ventures, The Luxury Fund Management, TyreGate Capital, Utopian Capitaland Yellow Octopus Ventures.

Committed to creating and integrating with a set of on-chain and off-chain tools, Faith Tribe has already started working with leaders in the digital fashion and crypto world, including Define Labs, DressX, PlatformE, Legitimate, Decentraland, Phygicode, Istituto Marangoni, SupraOracles, SoMee, Fragmint and Crypto Xpress. Faith Tribe aims to disrupt the future of fashion by empowering, rewarding and letting every designer express their creative soul. It’s time for creators to own and reap the benefits of their work.

Faith Connexion, a famous high-street fashion brand founded 21 years ago in Paris and recently purchased by Maria Buccellati and Wahid Pierre Chammas, is the first luxury streetwear brand to pioneer and embrace the concept of open-source, collaborative fashion and design, both in the physical realm and the metaverse. The inclusive and diverse vision of the brand pushed a myriad of influential personalities in fashion, music and artistic arenas to embrace its culture and regularly wear its clothes. By moving onto the blockchain, Faith Connexion is granting the opportunity to bring its collaborative culture and collective design process to the global community of creators.

“For the last two decades, I have been obsessed about building a fun, exciting and elegant brand that was always about being open and collaborative. Today, I am so proud that our technology and blockchain sponsors picked our brand and company to make open-source fashion a reality on the blockchain. Together, with Define Labs, Wahid and his private equity firm, we have onboarded all the right partners to actually make this community-relevant on the blockchain,” said Buccellati, co-Founder and CEO of Faith Connexion.

Faith Tribe’s ambition is to eliminate barriers by developing the world’s first fully decentralized and community-owned ecosystem for the collaborative creation of fashion items, a multi-solution platform built with the latest blockchain, Web3 and NFT technologies. Faith Tribe will also boast a designer studio and an NFT Marketplace, allowing the community to create, customize, mint and sell their digital and physical fashion assets, as well as determine through a transparent process which garments should be part of a collection.

“We are one of the only luxury-streetwear brands that were truly innovative 21 years ago with this whole concept of open-source fashion, unlike the vast majority of luxury brands that boast being exclusive rather than inclusive. The times are changing, and today fashion and art enthusiasts want to leave their own marks and individualize their clothing; we have always encouraged collaboration and invited artists to contribute to our brands,” said Chammas, founder of Faith Tribe. 

About Faith Tribe

The Faith Tribe token, FTRB, is a dual-chain token built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. The full-utility coin grants governance rights to its holder and will have an array of features allowing tokenholders access to the latest technology in fashion, as well as being a currency for NFTs tied to physical clothes and digital clothes in the metaverse and gaming. It is a peer-to-peer transactional token for designers, artists, bloggers, influencers, marketers and partners.

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