As a registered digital currency exchange provider in Australia, Fameex strictly follows global laws and regulations by providing services to more than 30 locations, including Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Britain and Ukraine. In the coming year, Fameex aspires to broaden its business in the Southeast Asia and South Asia regions. 

Fameex’s decision to move its operations from Singapore to Australia may excite crypto investors even more: The exchange has legally operated in Australia for years. Since Fameex only operates where it has met legal criteria and acquired governmental permission, it has worked closely with authorities across the globe. 

Plans for the year ahead

While gradually expanding its services, Fameex insists on providing a safe and comprehensive trading environment for investors. Following sophisticated internal examination procedures, it adheres to rigorous coin-listing rules to better protect users.

One of its signature products has been its perpetual futures contracts with competitive trading fees as low as 0.2%. 

Fameex will keep focusing on developing quality strategies with new functions for grid trading, and its team pledges the best strategies for users with sophisticated algorithms. 

Cross-functional team collaboration

The research team constantly collaborates with the development team to ensure accurate communication and project information. Its installed matching engine developed by the research and development team can manage a high number of orders with multiple servers running simultaneously. 

Since the crypto market works 24/7, an efficient matching engine represents a core value of Fameex. With such a stable and robust machination, the company allows its users’ positions to be liquidated at better prices, mitigating losses even during volatile market phases. 

About Fameex

The rising exchange Fameex began its trial operation in September 2019 and officially launched services on Jan. 1, 2020. It has been dedicated to providing safe, stable and fast trading for users. Since Fameex’s priority is security and safety, it only offers mainstream cryptocurrencies that carry no exploitation concerns. Services include grid trading, perpetual futures contracts, spot trading and a commission rebate program.

With a four-layer ladder-encryption protection mechanism, users who trade on Fameex hardly need to consider safety issues while enjoying relatively low trading fees. Its basic spot-trading fee is 1%, and its futures-trading fee is 0.2%. Through constant optimization, Fameex hopes to offer its users a more enjoyable trading journey.

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