Famous rapper Tyga recently updated his avatar, purchased for five Ether (ETH) at approximately $14,000. He also joined the Discord group for the Innocent Cats NFT collection, a project with a vision to create passports for the global rap metaverse journey.

What makes people willing to buy NFT avatars at high prices? Innocent Cats NFTs released on the Ethereum network with a gas optimization NFT contract, issuing a total of 9,025 avatars and each representing a different style.

Buying an NFT avatar is not just about purchasing digital artwork. Buyers have digital identities and can enjoy club-only benefits and products. The buyer is also granted membership into the Innocent Cats Club. Many celebrities buying, such as Tyga, brought more attention to the project; they have used Innocent Cats as their social media avatars and stimulated public interest.

The roadmap of Innocent Cats introduces a metaverse concert. According to the community’s announcements, the project’s team will hold the first official Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview on Feb. 15. The official AMA will release more details of the metaverse concert, also on Feb. 15. Learn more on the official website.