DeFi11, an upcoming fantasy sports and nonfungible token gaming platform, recently announced its public launch through an initial DEX offering route. This IDO comes as no surprise to those who have been apprised of the platform previously as the DeFi11 team disclosed its roadmap for the near future.

For those who are unaware, DeFi11 plans to be the best thing for fantasy sports and gaming since the Fantasy Premier League came and stole our collective hearts. After seeing the amount of exploitation brought about by a highly centralized system, the DeFi11 team chose to step up and do something about it.

As a result of this, DeFi11 built from the ground up a platform that is by the fans and for the fans. Poor security, exploitation and a lack of transparency will be a thing of the past very soon. The blockchain-based platform even intends to make life easier for developers with multiple benefits being given to developers willing to migrate to DeFi11 when it launches. Furthermore, NFT gaming is also a large part of the team’s plans with future developments expected to introduce peer-to-peer predictions, excising the need for an intermediary in player transactions.

Polygon-based Polystarter and Red Kite will host the IDO

The upcoming decentralized exchange offering will be launching on Polygon’s native launchpad, Polystarter, as well as Red Kite. Polystarter is an especially good choice for the launch of the IDO. Although lesser known than its more popular counterparts, Polystarter is built on the Polygon network which in turn is a layer-two protocol on the Ethereum network. This alone brings forth a host of possibilities for new projects as Ethereum is a well-established network with a lot of positives.

Separate from this, Polystarter is dedicated to giving all projects a fighting chance among the sea of new projects constantly being released. Permissionless listing, fair and decentralized fundraising, as well as complete launch support, are just a few of the many perks DeFi11 will be getting from choosing the Polygon-based launchpad.

Red Kite is similarly a well-known competitor based on PolkaFoundry that has managed to consistently punch above its weight. Supported by high-profile influencers, marketers and communities, Red Kite strives to give new projects unparalleled visibility. A thorough vetting process by the team also guarantees safety for investors and ensures that only the cream of the crop enters into the ecosystem.

The IDO is slated for launch on Sept. 20 and more information can be found on the team’s official website and Medium page.

Following the launch of the IDO, the DeFi11 team also announced that the token will be listed on AscendEX one hour after the IDO.

The road ahead for DeFi11

Currently, the team is looking forward to the IDO but it has already published an extensive roadmap detailing its plans after that. For the final quarter of this year, plans are in place to establish an NFT marketplace, the alpha test of the virtual world, and a reward staking program.

2022 also promises to bring even more progress according to the roadmap. P2P predictions, an NFT virtual world, a governance token as well as community-led expansion into other sports are all in the works.

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