PolySports, a next-generation Web3 fantasy sports and metaverse platform, opens its doors to the public later this year. Created by the team behind Prediction Guru, a popular sports app, PolySports is a first-of-its-kind interactive fantasy sports platform incorporating prominent features — such as an in-built crypto wallet, decentralized finance (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse offerings — into a single bundle for an engaging play-to-earn user experience.

PolySports is fueled by a native utility token that powers all transactions and DeFi features on the platform. Designed predominantly as a fantasy sports platform with a unique DFS — Daily Fantasy Sports — format for quick games, the platform combines DeFi, NFTs and metaverse elements to bring infinite value compared to other platforms in one of the fastest-growing industry segments. 

These features offer a new level of interactivity and monetization features that keep users engaged long-term and reward time spent in available opportunities. The use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in the fantasy game space moves toward enhanced transparency — something fans crave on other existing platforms.

Join, play and earn in no time

The user-friendly interface and DFS setup allow new users to register and put their knowledge and skills to use. With DFS, users don’t have to play the entire season; instead, they can select any ongoing or upcoming tournaments listed on the platform, create a team, make a PolySports token deposit and start playing against other fantasy team owners for any length of time. 

It is further sweetened by participation rewards, referral programs and DeFi features that allow users to earn as they play through participation in token staking, farming and liquidity programs. PolySports tokenholders also get additional benefits in loss protection, discounts, exclusive access to events, merchandise, NFT airdrops, VIP memberships and more.

Sports NFTs and the PolySports Metaverse

The soon-to-be-launched sports NFT collection and metaverse is designed to benefit the sports and crypto communities. It allows creators such as sports teams, clubs and event organizers to create fan-engagement programs by minting and selling sports NFTs. Users can purchase these NFTs as collectibles and trade them with other fans or collectors in an integrated social NFT marketplace. In addition to community-minted NFTs, users can earn, purchase and collect PolySports NFTs signifying various achievements and other occasions.

NFT holders will receive special privileges with benefits such as free gameplay, extra earning multipliers and access to special features and opportunities to participate in exclusive physical and virtual metaverse events. Creators can also showcase their sports NFTs on the marketplace.

Public launch soon

The PolySports fantasy games platform will soon become available to the public. The Android and iOS apps are already in private beta, with the web app expected to join the list by mid-March. Other new features in the pipeline include casual and role-playing game titles available in the PolySports metaverse.

The PolySports project has been by prominent names in the blockchain world, including Catenam Capital, Tribe Capital, Cluster Capital, Lithium Ventures, Infinity Ventures, Fork Ventures and DAOLaunch, as well as individuals such as Block0 founder Manu Andorra, Perpetual Value Partners founder Aditya Nagarsheth and Batuhan Dasgin, previously head of business development at CoinMarketCap.

About PolySports

PolySports is a fantasy sports and NFT metaverse platform serving as a bridge for blockchain and billions of sports fans worldwide. On PolySports, users can build a team, compete and trade player stocks while connecting with their favorite sports stars in the metaverse. The DeFi features on PolySports allow users to earn by participating in yield-generating activities such as staking tokens and NFTs, farming liquidity-pool tokens and more.

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