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One of the most-talked new cryptocurrency tokens right now is Fight Out (FGHT), a play-to-earn token allowing users to earn rewards for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

After already raising nearly $6 million in its presale, FGHT, the native token, is still available to buy on presale for a few more days. With popular YouTube accounts predicting the FGHT token to perform well when it lists on exchanges next week, investors believe this may be the best time to invest in this project while prices are still at presale and fixed levels.

Fight Out app and rewards through a train-to-earn concept

Fight Out is a new play-to-earn cryptocurrency project that rewards you for exercising and training in real life. Users can download the Fight Out app and customize their workouts; the platform tracks their sleep, nutrition, steps, cardiovascular activity and strength endurance to recommend new exercises and activities.

Users can play and earn rewards by competing in various tournaments, batting in Player v Player training sessions and accessing different metaverse experiences. Fight Out will also host fantasy MMA battles, coaching modes and other events.

While FGHT is the native cryptocurrency, the rewards will be distributed as REPS, the in-game token. One can purchase REPS directly with FGHT tokens or earn the tokens by taking part in the ecosystem. REPS can be used to purchase training equipment, app memberships, individual training sessions and apparel.

Soulbound NFT avatars 

Fight Out is also integrating nonfungible tokens (NFTs) into its play-to-earn ecosystem. After downloading the Fight Out app, each user has the opportunity to mint their own NFT avatars.

Termed “Soulbound NFT avatars,” these NFTs cannot be traded between users. Instead, they belong solely to the owner. The Soulbound avatars are a representation of your physical performance and lifestyle. Once a user starts to work out on the ecosystem, the stats of the Soulbound avatars rise.

Another way for the stats to rise faster is by competing in physical Fight Out gyms. According to the Fight Out white paper, the first physical gym is expected to open by 2023. The project aims to launch at least 20 more gyms in the future. 

Token bonuses still available during the presale

Currently, investors can still purchase Fight Out during the ongoing presale. From a total token supply of 10 billion, 9% of FGHT tokens have been allocated for the ongoing presale, with just a few days left to run. As of now, the FGHT token is priced at $0.0333.

Since the beginning of the presale, Fight Out has managed to raise over $5.9 million. Investors have one final opportunity to purchase this cryptocurrency at a low price since the presale will conclude on March 31, 2023.

One of the reasons that made investors purchase Fight Out on presale is the token bonuses, as you can earn a token bonus depending on the number of tokens you purchase. Investors can buy between $500 to $50,000 worth of FGHT to earn a 10%–25% bonus.

Furthermore, investors can stake their tokens to earn more bonuses. One can stake FGHT for anywhere between three and 36 months to get a token bonus of 10%–42%. Thus, one can secure up to a 67% bonus by investing in the presale if deciding to lock the tokens for three years.

Investors interested in getting the bonus tokens should always consider that the value of the bonus tokens will strictly depend on the token price performance: $100 invested today would give a $67 bonus (for a total of $167). However, with a lock of 36 months, if the token’s price decreases by 50%, the bonus amount would be equal to $33 with the original $100 being worth $50 (therefore, a total of $83 representing a $17 loss).

Fight Out will conduct its initial exchange offering on on April 5, 2023. is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that is used by over 3 million people worldwide. Following the listing, this cryptocurrency will also list on platforms such as LBank, BitForex and BKEX.

To learn more about the Fight Out presale and stay in touch with the project’s updates and new developments, join over 12,000 members by joining the Fight Out Telegram channel.

YouTubers’ token predictions are positive

While the ongoing presale is turning out to be very successful for Fight Out, it is also gaining popularity on different social media platforms. As an example, Fight Out has already gained over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

This is a great way for interested parties to learn more about the Fight Out project; stay updated for any platform updates and be a part of the larger community.

Furthermore, many have predicted that Fight Out’s performance will be positive in the coming years. One of them is a popular YouTuber named Jacob Crypto Bury, who has a following of more than 12,400 people.

In a recently released YouTube video, Jacob Crypto Bury broke down the Fight Out presale performance and considered this token one of the most interesting projects of early 2023. In another video, Bury talked about FGHT having the potential to offer up to 10x returns from the current presale.

Overall, Fight Out offers a great mix of addictive gameplay opportunities, monetary rewards, token bonuses and an easily accessible training app. With the crypto’s growing popularity and the upcoming exchange listing, this can be a great token to purchase in 2023.

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