The Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem, featuring STEPN, DOOAR and MOOAR under its umbrella, becomes self-sustaining.

Sydney, Australia — Nov. 1, 2022 — Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), a Web3 gaming and development studio founded in 2021 with a mission to bridge Web2 to Web3, today announced the launch of Mooar, a multichain nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace. This is the third project to launch within the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem after STEPN, a lifestyle fitness app, and DOOAR, a decentralized exchange (DEX). 

FSL is launching MOOAR to empower traders and creators ​​through a unique membership model with zero platform fees and no optional royalties. The marketplace will enable community members to create and launch their own collections on MOOAR’s launchpad, which is run like a community-driven hackathon. MOOAR is a pivotal step to ensure the delivery of FSL’s goals and vision through a community-centric solution — a marketplace to host transactions that ultimately support the growth and development of FSL. 

The creation of a marketplace establishes FSL’s ecosystem as self-sustaining where STEPN, DOOAR and MOOAR work in collaboration to actively support each other without the need for members to pay additional service fees outside of the initial platform membership fees. FSL is also now able to fully empower the community of creators, enabling them to bring the highest-quality content to Mooar through its launchpad, while also respecting rights to royalty fees. Mooar also brings additional utility to the ecosystem’s native GMT token as token holders can use it for voting privileges under Mooar’s launchpad. The self-sustaining design benefits all members of the FSL ecosystem and ensures that they have access to a best-in-class experience.

Yawn Rong, co-founder of Find Satoshi Lab, commented on the news, “Find Satoshi Lab is excited to expand our ecosystem by leveraging MOOAR and introducing externalities, thus adding more utility to GMT. With the creation of the MOOAR marketplace and launchpad, FSL is now a fully self-sustaining ecosystem, removing the need for the community to use external platforms, simplifying the experience and better supporting the community. FSL believes that creators deserve royalties, which we have decided to utilize royalties for MOOAR. We feel the zero service fee is only sustainable through a membership model, and for FSL and the greater industry to sustain itself, we must value our creators. We are looking forward to furthering our mission to educate and introduce millions of new Web2 users to Web3 and the world of NFTs, inspire a healthy lifestyle by gamifying exercise, and combat climate change.”

In August 2021, Find Satoshi Lab launched its first project, StepN, a Web3 lifestyle app that incentivizes users to exercise by offering token rewards, which quickly became the textbook example of an effective tokenized gaming model. To further develop the ecosystem, FSL launched Dooar, a multichain DEX, in June 2022. Adding a DEX into the ecosystem offered the community a native, multichain, noncustodial platform to facilitate trading. Now, with the addition of Mooar, FSL unites all parts of its users’ journey — from purchasing a sneaker NFT on STEPN to creating and trading unique NFT collections on MOOAR, as well as swapping tokens via DOOAR. FSL is constantly building to better support its dedicated community and is set to further announce several developments in the coming months.

About Find Satoshi Lab

Founded in 2021, Find Satoshi Lab is a gaming and development studio connecting players to Web3. FSL’s mission is to educate and introduce individuals to Web3, while encouraging healthy living and combating climate change. FSL brands include STEPN, MOOAR and DOOAR.

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MOOAR is an integral part of the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem that provides both a primary and secondary marketplace for NFT transactions, protecting the ecosystem from unwanted third-party transaction fees. Profits from Mooar remain within the FSL ecosystem and are leveraged to facilitate its growth and development. Mooar is currently available on Solana and Ethereum.

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