Emerging technologies have transformed the financial services sector by providing new ways to meet customers’ growing demands for personalization and ease of use. 

Let’s get ready for a fantastic in-person and online encounter: The first-ever Finnovex Qatar Summit for banking and financial institution stakeholders will be held on March 15, 2022 in Doha, Qatar at the Hilton, and will be streamed live online for digital attendees. 

As the importance of technology in the Qatar banking sector continues to grow in the coming years, innovation, imaginative cultures, data access and advanced analysis will be required to revolutionize the financial ecosystem. The emergence of a customer-centric strategy has spilled over into banking services, with the same degree of performance and intuitiveness in demand. 

Exibex is preparing to host a gathering of over 300 people to see 20 industry visionaries, who will benefit from the best networking and learning possibilities while witnessing the experience of a collaborative mindspace of innovation in the financial services sector. 

The 10th edition from the Finnovex Global Series aims to shed light on front-burner issues through a blend of fireside chats, panel discussions and expert presentations. Some of the key discussion points include: 

  • Decoding opportunities for Qatar — Technology is altering financial services internationally and spurring financial inclusion around the world, enabling millions more people and businesses to join the global economy for the first time. Yet there is much more to do. 
  • Engagement banking era — The future lies in engagement banking, where banks revolve around their customers, forming deep, personal relationships with them and providing exceptional experiences across each touchpoint. 
  • A customer-centric experience in financial services.
  • Deep-diving into how to thrive in the digital financial services ecosystem.
  • Intelligent banking for outstanding customer experience — Tackling key roadblocks like cultural shifts, declining budgets, learning and training.
  • Adapting cybersecurity for the future “normal” — showcasing how to tackle threats. 
  • Confluent data governance.
  • Cashless society — The future of digital payments? 

And many more interesting insights, conversations and knowledge to be imparted… 

The event’s expert speakers are representatives of the following companies: Qatar

Financial Center Authority, Lloyds Bank UK, Qatar Financial Center Regulatory Authority, Commercial Bank Qatar, Bank Nizwa Oman, HSBC UAE, Doha bank Qatar, Rwanda Finance, Ooredoo Qatar, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, PowerBank Qatar, Emirates NBD and more. 

Registration is open here.

This year’s edition is themed “Emerging technologies disrupting the sustainable financial ecosystem.” 

Planned for the event: 

  •  20 Trailblazer speakers 
  •  300 delegates 
  •  FinTech and innovators hub
  •  Live interactive networking 
  •  At least five panel discussions 
  •  8 networking hours 
  •  At least seven keynote sessions 

The Qatar edition will be a unique opportunity providing an accelerated solutions hub for:

  • Meeting new, creative and inspired people, and forming strategies needed to grow.
  • Networking, sharing ideas and learning new strategies with over 300 of the sharpest minds in banking and financial services. 
  • Learning how to evaluate, deploy, use and customize financial technologies to improve business processes. 
  • Hearing first-hand from customers on the challenges they face across the entire value chain of financial processes.
  • Take-away lessons learned, valuable case studies and key insights from peers to apply within one’s own operations.
  • Meeting with FinTech solution management, development, support and consulting experts.
  • Fully evaluating and understanding how a comprehensive suite of applications can optimize business processes. 
  • Visiting showcase centers and demos to better understand the latest solutions in the market that can help one’s business.

The Finnovex Global series, which is organized by Exibex, is dedicated to examining the future of financial services and how disruptive innovations are reshaping the way they are structured, provisioned and consumed. The Finnovex series of Summits highlights thought leadership on cutting-edge issues with long-term implications to the industry and lays foundation for multi-stakeholder dialogues that explore the potential of these innovations to transform the financial ecosystem as well as the risks and opportunities that could emerge from shifts in the way financial services are designed, delivered and used in the future. 

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