Berlin, June 14, 2022 Fintech Ideas, an infrastructure for fintech solutions, has announced the merging of new and old projects into its brand, consolidating several projects in marketing, media, advertising and fintech under its name. It is a rebranding of IT Technologie AV Gmbh, a leading tech company.

Strengthened capability and increased manufacturing for delivering quality fintech products are the reasons for the merger. Fintech Ideas is building a complete-cycle ecosystem where customer acquisition, retention and services are executed using the platform’s tools, media and advertising. The merger will ease entry into the European market, creating advanced solutions in the process. 

Projects merged with Fintech Ideas 

Fintech projects 

As one of the new projects to merge with Fintech Ideas, Liber Save is a software-as-a-service solution for digital-coupon issuers. Fintech Ideas lets issuers create digital coupons on its platform and supplies them with marketing and technical tools. Users can buy unlimited coupons and use them to purchase items from partner stores and marketplaces. 

Liber offers a wide range of uses and is an automatic asset-settlement API aiming to simplify cryptocurrency access, reduce exchange fees and let users buy and swap assets seamlessly. 

Marketing projects

Pushnoti, a marketing tool, helps business owners identify regular visitors and notifies them for engagement purposes. 

PushnotiAds, meanwhile, is a push notification monetization platform that delivers an additional income stream by letting advertisers send push notifications to its users. 

IT Technologie is another advertising project from Fintech Ideas offering multiple network campaigns and an intuitive and simple dashboard with several campaign creation tools. 

Media projects

Aussiedlerbote Zeitung is a media project designed for readers with various categories offering a wide range of content. 

TechZeitung is similar to Aussiedierbote Zeitung and was expressly designed for the convenient and high-scale exchange of entrepreneurial skills and expertise. 

These mergers will help solidify Fintech Ideas’ stance in the fintech, advertising and media industries. 

Moving into blockchain

Fintech Ideas’ major goal for 2022 is to expand its reach in the blockchain space. With the merger in place, the company is integrating blockchain technology with most of its existing projects and will develop new, fully distributed ledger technology (DLT) based products centered around the same markets Fintech Ideas specializes in. The firm is using DLT and Web3 technology for its new direction, where each new product can boast characteristics targeting crucial areas in the space. 

About Fintech Ideas 

Armed with extensive knowledge in fintech solutions and infrastructure, Fintech Ideas is designed as an outstanding group of companies leveraging innovative technology to create beneficial opportunities. It is building simple and advanced solutions through solid partnerships. 

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