The web3 revolution continues to spread with the latest uprising springing up in Miami.

ETHMiami is kicking off its inaugural event with a focus on free Web3 programming education, a community event for developers, researchers, and BUIDLers in Ethereum ecosystem on April 9th during Miami Blockchain Week as thousands of people fly into the city for the annual Bitcoin conference.

The conference will feature a free one-day workshop focused on Ethereum’s dominant programming language, Solidity. Growic, which offers tuition-free Web3 education, will serve as ETHMiami’s educational partner.

There will also be a slate of speakers from projects like the popular crypto wallet MetaMask, and the Near blockchain.

Those wishing to take advantage of no cost Solidity training or maybe support free web3 education should go to the page to apply or buy Solidity Dolphin NFTs.

ETHMiami plans to grow into an annual event while also facilitating monthly meetups for people looking to develop their web3 hacking abilities. Visit for more info.

The inaugural ETHMiami will start at 10:00AM at 400 NW 26th. St. Miami FL, 33127, which is in the Wynwood Arts District.