Dreams Quest has announced the first glimpse into its open-world RPG DreamsVerse that’s closer to early access on Dreams Quest Origins.

May 17, 2022 — Dreams Quest Origins, an open-world blockchain role-playing game (RPG), is presenting a sneak peek with a breathtaking snapshot of its DreamsVerse. 

From beautiful landscapes and mystical trees to exquisite use of colors and styles, Dreams Quest presents an otherworldly dream-like environment that captures the player’s imagination.

“Our DreamsVerse is a mystical place, one that you’ve never seen before. Or have you?” said Paulii Good, co-founder of Dreams Quest. “We are creating an environment that may somehow seem familiar to you, as something you may have imagined or seen before. As a player, you experience the game where you awaken in a dream. You suddenly realize the dream is some sort of reality. Nothing is familiar, and yet, everything seems familiar. Every part of our world has been thought through and designed to match the world of Azoria.”

In the past few weeks, Dreams Quest introduced several assets, including its Organic Matter and environmental elements. The project has also been showcasing the process behind the 3D creation of individual assets on its social channels, which can now be fully experienced with the video.

Good said, “There’s a certain spirituality that we’re channelling as we build Dreams Quest Origins. The video offers the first glimpse of the backdrop for the main game and introduces some of the elements that gamers will come across as they play and explore the first realm in our release plans.”

The project has also enhanced its gameplay dynamics from play-to-earn to a more robust collect-to-earn (C2E) model through discovering, upgrading, buying, selling and trading rare and collectible in-game assets that will be saved in players’ inventories as nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Players can unlock quests and collect Organic Matter, crafting it to infuse elements into crystals and learn how to further forge and upgrade game asset NFTs.

Dreams Quest will deliver further updates on the game’s development, its trader’s market and various game assets. The trader’s market will serve as a cornerstone for players to buy, sell and trade game assets, acquire various special edition items and upgrade NFTs for game use. 

Dreams Quest Origins will launch initially as a mobile game, giving players a fully immersive open-world experience accessed by any smartphone or tablet. Users can access game assets in the game or transfer them directly to their Web3 wallets. Further developments will be announced during the coming weeks.

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is a gaming and entertainment company producing a variety of products to create an immersive gaming experience. Dreams Quest Origins is an open-world Web3 RPG providing users with a player-versus-environment, quest-based immersive experience. It is also the first-ever game designed with a metaverse-based economy, designed on the core principle of C2E, where every in-game asset is a dynamic NFT that can be crafted, forged, upgraded and traded to let players unlock the value of their game assets.