On Tuesday, Nov. 20, Flickto announced an exciting partnership with the Kick launchpad!

Flickto: A one-of-a-kind media launchpad

If you haven’t heard of Flickto, where have you been?!

Flickto is a fast-growing Cardano-based media launchpad seeking to decentralize media financing. Too often, media projects are shelved because their creators lack funding or backing from influential people or organizations.

Using the ISPO financing model, Flickto will be empowering its community — the general public — to vote for their preferred media project.

How Does Flickto Work?

It’s very simple. The native token of the Flickto project is FLICK. FLICK gives its owner the ability to vote for their favorite media projects listed in Flickto’s portal.

In addition, users receive the following benefits:

  • Entry into NFT airdrops produced by the media projects
  • Distribution royalties from media projects that win the vote

KICK.io: The leading Cardano launchpad

KICK.io is a Cardano-based decentralized fundraising platform. Essentially, they are a crypto project that helps other crypto projects get financed. They have recently successfully supported the initial DEX offering (IDO) of the decentralized exchange DOEX, and with other creative projects in the pipeline — such as VILVI — KICK.io is the perfect creative partner for Flickto to host their IDO & funding rounds.

Full details and dates of the IDO and additional collaboration will be announced in due course. 

For users interested in obtaining additional FLICK tokens, Flickto encourages users to consider delegating their Cardano (ADA) in the Flickto ISPO.

Flickto ultimately gives talented content creators the recognition — and more importantly — the funding they deserve from those who support and love their work. Flickto will bring creators closer to the consumer to revolutionize the way the media industry is financed. 

The Flickto team has more details on their ISPO available on their website, and encourage users to keep an eye out for their upcoming IDO details.

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