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Floki Inu (trading under the ticker FLOKI) is a movement token that was inspired by an Elon Musk tweet in which he said his Shiba Inu would be named Floki. Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that he did purchase his Shiba Inu and named it Floki. Within minutes of that tweet, Floki Inu shot up over 100%. Since that tweet, Floki Inu has maintained a very strong floor, above even the initial pump that came from Elon Musk’s tweet. 

To keep the momentum moving, Floki Inu is assaulting the market with very targeted and aggressive marketing campaigns. Floki Inu has already contracted to spend almost $1,500,000 in marketing. This marketing is being used to target major metropolitan areas, assist in getting FLOKI listed on high-level exchanges and onboard a-list influencers. Not all of these initiatives have been announced. 

Floki Inu will be aggressively marketing in London, starting in October

Floki Inu just signed a huge and strategic contract to advertise in the London Underground and across about 300 London buses. These advertising campaigns will run together and will be a full-out assault on the London public transportation system. 

London has a population of about nine million. In addition to its population, it gets over 21 million visitors annually. As the capital of the United Kingdom, London not only has lots of residents, but it also has many business people visiting, as well as those on holidays from overseas. This potential exposure to a host of different people makes London Underground advertising a profitable and popular investment for many large businesses. The tube network covers over 402km, serves 270 busy stations, and carries a total of 4.8 million passengers daily. 

The London bus system is also one of the most utilized transportation systems in London. Not only do millions of individuals use the London bus system daily, but advertising on buses also acts as a mobile advertising opportunity. The London bus system hits a cross-section of society. 

Floki Inu will lock down the Los Angeles metro area for three months, starting in October

Floki Inu has also signed a strategic marketing deal with Kevani and Vector Media to lock down Los Angeles for three months. This marketing initiative will start in October and run through the end of the year.

Los Angeles is in the heart of California and is a major economic and tourist hub to the entire world. The Los Angeles metropolitan area has a population of about 18 million people. In addition to its residents, Los Angeles is also visited by 50 million annual visitors. Los Angeles boasts being the number one city in the world when it comes to purchasing power. Los Angeles is also one of the most important cities in the world when it comes to cryptocurrency innovation. 

Floki Inu has signed a deal through Kevani to advertise on three billboards in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. Kevani’s clients include Google, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Microsoft and Youtube, and it owns more than 72,000 square feet of advertising space in Los Angeles. Floki Inu anticipates getting over 110 million impressions during its three-month billboard campaign. 

In addition to the billboard campaign, Floki Inu is also advertising for three months on 25 buses in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Floki Inu anticipates getting over 60 million impressions during the three months of its bus campaign. Just as with the London Underground, advertising on the transportation system of a major metropolitan area that garners millions of visitors will provide the biggest impact in the most efficient way. 

Floki Inu is being listed on major centralized exchanges recently began trading in Floki Inu. This was a huge milestone for Floki Inu and today, alone accounts for over 1 million in daily volume trading of the FLOKI token. However, Floki Inu is not satisfied with just trading on Floki Inu just announced that it will be listed on another top 30 exchange — which is also a top 10 exchange in China — according to

The announcement will be made by the exchange on September 29, 2021. This particular exchange has been responsible for over a billion in daily trading volume for other major dog tokens, including DOGE and SHIB. The listing of FLOKI on these major exchanges comes at the perfect time, just before the major marketing campaigns that are targeting the mainstream. More exchanges mean more accessibility. 

Other marketing initiatives, including Dextools banners and BTOK campaigns

Floki Inu is also engaging in more targeted marketing to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Floki Inu will be taking over the banner ads on boasts over 12 million daily visits to its site. Almost every one of those visits is by an individual who is very interested in cryptocurrency. 

In addition to, Floki Inu will also be taking over the front page advertising space of BTOK. BTOK is one of the leading cryptocurrency apps for Chinese cryptocurrency investors. BTOK has millions of daily users and has proven to be one of the most effective cryptocurrency marketing strategies for reaching Chinese investors. 


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