Legendary boxer and sports icon Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s first ever NFT collection is officially available on Rarible. The drop includes digital collectibles celebrating the legacy of Mayweather Jr.’s life and career, including animations, physical artwork, and access to both his virtual and in-person meet and greets. Select nonfungible tokens are also associated with physical prints in addition to being logged forever on the blockchain. The final, single, limited edition auction piece can include private boxing lessons and dinner with Mayweather Jr., in addition to a custom diamond ring. Don’t miss out on the legacy collection.

The Prelude Drop

Date: May 26, 2021

Number of pieces: 1

Quantity: 50

Marketplace: https://rarible.com/floydnft

The Legacy Drop

Date: June 1, 2021

Number of pieces: 4

Marketplace: https://rarible.com/floydnft

For more information about the upcoming Mayweather Jr. NFT drop, please visit https://floydnft.com.