Fluid — an ultra-low latency liquidity aggregator that uses AI quant-based models to tackle fragmented liquidity in virtual asset markets — has announced its partnership with Polygon as its primary decentralized finance (DeFi) chain. 

Due to its minimal transaction costs and speed, Polygon — the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development — is an excellent chain for Fluid’s decentralized solution.

Polygon is now a top DeFi solution with more than 7,000 decentralized apps, 130 million-plus addresses created on the network and more than 3.4 billion transactions recorded since its inception.

“Fluid’s philosophy to provide ultra-low latency and costs is deeply intertwined with Polygon’s. As the future of aggregated liquidity, we will grow with Polygon and together provide ultra-efficient solutions and best-execution practices to virtual asset markets in both the centralized finance (CeFi) and the DeFi spaces,” said Ahmed Ismail, CEO and president of Fluid. 

As Fluid works toward building the liquidity aggregator of the future, it aims to build on the most effective blockchain technologies. The speed and stability that Polygon provides meet Fluid’s requirements to resolve fragmented liquidity.

“FLUID is delighted to adopt Polygon as its primary DeFi chain to improve fragmented liquidity. By building on Polygon, Fluid (FLD) tokenholders will have access to a premium experience at ultra-low latency and ultra-low transaction fees. Given Polygon’s creative scaling solutions for the Ethereum blockchain, we decided to adopt Polygon after doing significant market research,” said Jason Jiang, chief technology officer of Fluid. 

Fluid is on track to complete its build on Polygon by the third quarter of this year.

Given the popularity of Polygon and its stellar track record of successful projects, Fluid will build on a blockchain that is Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible and easy to code. Fluid will start its partnership with Polygon as its commit-chain and look to leverage its full-stack scaling solution to build Fluid’s native app, which is due to be delivered in the first half of 2023.

For more details, visit t.me/FLUID_liquidity.

Fluid media inquiries:

  • Matias Jeldrez, head of marketing and communications — matias.jeldrez@fluid.finance

About Fluid 

Fluid is the ultra-low latency CeDeFi liquidity aggregator that uses AI quant-based models to tackle fragmented liquidity in virtual asset markets.

Many physical and digital assets will be tokenized in the future. Fluid intends to capitalize on the multi-trillion-dollar tokenized market volume potential in spot, futures, derivatives, synthetics, security token offerings, tokenized assets and more.

Fluid is driven by a seasoned senior team with diversified experience in tier-one financial institutions, including Bank of America (BofA) and BofA Securities, Goldman Sachs, BNY Mellon, Citibank, Visa and founders of leading regulated digital asset over-the-counter trading desks, quantitative firms and popular blockchain companies.

Fluid is the future of liquidity aggregation, transformed.

About Polygon 

Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions, including layer-2 solutions with zero-knowledge and Optimistic Rollups, sidechains, hybrid solutions, standalone and enterprise chains, data-availability solutions and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption, with more than 7,000 applications hosted, 1 billion-plus total transactions processed, more than 100 million unique user addresses and $5 billion-plus in assets secured.

Ethereum developers can already be considered Polygon developers, so leverage Polygon’ss fast and secure transactions for decentralized applications here.