FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks, told Cointelegraph China during its Hub event on March 12 that it would launch its Genesis Blind Box Series on March 14, 2021. The official drop is scheduled to start at 10 pm ET (10 am HKT on March 15) and will allow users to purchase packs with credit cards, PayPal or cryptocurrency. The Genesis Blind Box Series is offered exclusively by FM Gallery for a limited time during the platform’s official launch. A whitelist campaign has also kicked off in the FM Gallery official community where 1,000 lucky users will share a $10,000 reward pool.

The Genesis Blind Box Series includes three packs in different rarities — common, rare and legendary. By opening a pack, users will randomly receive an NFT artwork designed by renowned artists, with an estimated value of up to $42,500, or receive a generous reward box of WAH, FM Gallery’s governance token. Users will also be able to collect art fragments from the blind boxes and complete the full version of an artwork while receiving surprise rewards. Holders of WAH will receive exclusive access to participate in the platform’s NFT staking and mining programs in the future. 

The Legendary Pack contains artworks — collectively estimated at over $42,500 — and will be sold for $1,000 each. Featuring artworks include:

  • “Earth Angel” by Chad Knight, 1 edition
  • “Unbreakable” by Chad Knight, 10 editions
  • “Angel of Night” by Peter Mohrbacher, 100 editions.

The Rare Pack contains artworks — collectively estimated at over $1,000 — and will be sold for $400 each. Featuring artworks include:

  • “Disconjunction” by Chad Knight, 2 editions
  • “The Kali Yuga” by NFN Kalyan with 6 fragments, 20 editions for each fragment
  • “5 Demons” by Klarens Malluta with 5 fragments, 25 editions for each fragment.

The Common Pack contains artworks — collectively estimated at over $500 — and will be sold for $150 each. Featuring artworks include:

  • “Supreme Release” by Chad Knight, 2 editions
  • “Seven Deadly Sins” by Shan Qiao, with 7 fragments, 200 editions for each fragment
  • “Golden Traditions” by Peter Chan, with 3 fragments, 200 editions for each fragment.

Chad Knight is a 3D Instagram artist whose work has gone viral, starting a pervasive internet rumor that his art was a real-life place in Japan. He recently sold a record-breaking $400,000 worth of art on the NFT platform Nifty Gateway. 

As a natively digital painter, Peter Mohrbacher has produced works that have been widely collected through Limited Edition prints. Mohrbacher’s iconic “Angel of Night” has had a sizable impact on the way pop culture depicts angels. You can see shades of his influence throughout the digital art world and spot references peeking through in movies, video games and other media.

NFN Kalyan is an Indian-American artist living and working in Miami. Kalyan participated in the earliest drops on Nifty Gateway, where his works enjoyed great popularity. As he continues to expand his influence in crypto arts, his drops have always sold out in less than a second. At auctions, the bids for his pieces could increase 30–40 times the original prices.

Klarens Malluta is an Albanian visual artist. He has been creating artworks, posters and animations every day since 2017, experimenting with different software and techniques to generate original visual content. Inspired by elements of the 1980s, he expresses himself through a modern style described as retro-futuristic, glitchy and very playful.

Shan Qiao is an award-winning artist who has worked with some of the biggest companies in video game and film production, including Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games and Tencent. His work can be seen in top games, such as Overwatch, CrossFire and League of Legends. Shan is currently a concept artist with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, where he is working on the famous God of War series. 

Peter Chan currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Chan’s narrative themes can be considered autobiographical, though the artist often explores critical themes of East Asia. In his work, he distorts and recomposes imagery to form compositions that allow for new narratives and meaning. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide including Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal and Toronto. 

The nonfungible tokens included in the Genesis Blind Box Series will only be minted once purchasing has closed. Popular NFTs may take 24–48 hours to appear in a user’s account.

Details of the Genesis Blind Box Series are now available at, and FM Gallery’s global community can be found on major social networks, including Clubhouse, FacebookTwitterTelegramDiscord, WeChat and Medium

About FM Gallery

FM Gallery is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. We strive to empower the world of arts and fashion with innovative art fragments as well as autonomous fan communities. With blockchain technology, artwork can be divided into several fragments. Each fragment, represented by a nonfungible token, contains a unique art story. By collecting fragments, users are able to complete the artwork and redeem the completed NFT for physical artworks. Collaborating with top artists, galleries and auction houses around the world, we will continue to release physical and virtual crypto artworks on our blockchain.