This January, seven former Binance core techs launched a free crypto exchange called Mayex that provides free spot trading, Tether (USDT) margin perpetual contracts and coin margin perpetual contracts. There are more than 100 crypto-trading pairs on this platform. 

When Mayex was established, it was determined to be a subversion of traditional exchanges. Mayex’s vision is to make every transaction more profitable and become the most competitive crypto-trading platform. To this end, Mayex is completely free for spot trading, and the derivatives trading rate is as low as 0.01%. The team redesigned the entire trading engine based on the experience of Binance, and it supports non-stop hot updates and multilevel risk control. Test results show that the new engine can support 400,000 orders per second.

John Davis, co-founder of Mayex, joined Binance as a technology executive after more than six years of quantitative trading. Davis said, “The whole crypto-trading industry is quite suitable for high-frequency trading. However, the cost of crypto-trading is too high. Our goal is to allow users in this industry to enjoy faster, safer and lower-cost trading. We shared these ideas with our former colleagues, and we all decided to work together to create a new trading platform to make it happen, and we have done it.” 

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