Tradesilvania, the premium platform for cryptocurrency and digital asset investments, has announced the expansion of the company’s compliance and management team by appointing Mihaela Anamaria Dragoiu as its new risk and regulatory affairs director.

Dragoiu is the former head of the prevention, supervision and control directorate of the Romanian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and holds more than 20 years of experience in the institution.

She has been involved in legal framework development for both primary and secondary legislation, including Act no. 129/2019 that — after the amendments of Governmental Emergency Ordinance no. 111/2020 — sets the legal requirements for the authorization and registration of digital wallet providers and providers of crypto exchange services as reporting entities. During the same period, Dragoiu was a member and a Romanian FIU representative in the Commission for the Authorization of Currency Exchange Operations in the Romanian Ministry of Finance.

Dragoiu attended many national and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) projects, performed in conjunction with different state institutions, AML and CFT supervision, and regulatory authorities.

Dragoiu has also been involved in the evaluation process regarding Directive no. 2015/849, the fourth directive on combating money laundering, in Romania, which was conducted by the European Commission in collaboration with Council of Europe experts.

She also participated in a project financed by the European Commission regarding the risk assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing at the national level. Also worth mentioning are her accomplishments in negotiations related to the package of AML and CFT legislative proposals launched by the European Commission in July 2021.

Dragoiu will help Tradesilvania’s team to further develop and adjust the company’s legal compliance framework to Romania’s and the European Union’s newest legal requirements. With more than 21 years of regulatory experience in the FIU, Dragoiu will contribute to the company’s constant efforts to develop its risk management framework and both Know Your Vendor and Know Your Transaction elements for digital assets.

Her participation in law development on the prevention of money laundering in Romania and its synchronization with the European legal framework facilitates dialogue between the company and relevant authorities.

Ciprian Dobrescu, CEO of Tradesilvania, said:

“Attracting the best compliance experts in our company is a natural step for us. Tradesilvania’s mission is to develop, together with the local financial institutions and experienced external partners, a modern digital financial infrastructure in a safe environment where good practices of both emerging industries and classical financial systems are applied. Democratization of Romanians’ access to the cryptocurrency market requires close collaboration between the two domains. Mrs. Dragoiu’s outstanding experience will help us to continuously improve the compliance standards in the Romanian cryptocurrency industry. We are continuously evolving our platform to offer digital services that meet both our clients’ needs and the authorities’ and regulators’ requirements to become a main partner in blockchain infrastructure in Romania.”

Dragoiu said:

“I am thrilled to join the Tradesilvania team and to continue together with the development of the compliance framework in the context of innovative accelerated growth of blockchain services in Romania. The cryptocurrency market poses specific compliance challenges that require constant communication with the financial environment, along with the continuous development of internal and external regulatory frameworks. Our goal is to support long-term dialogue with state institutions and to be a provider of free education to all participants of the digital asset market in Romania and the EU.”

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