Gary Smith, former chief operating officer of Red Bull, has joined the Earth Fund team as an adviser as they look towards the public listing of their planet-saving token in the next few weeks.

Bringing his experience in senior management at PepsiCo, Red Bull and Big Red, Inc — including overseeing the sale of Big Red to Keurig Dr. Pepper and the day-to-day operations of Red Bull — Gary Smith joins Earth Fund’s advisery board as they get ready to list their ERC-20 token on crypto exchanges in the coming weeks.


“This is my first step into the crypto space,” Smith said “and I couldn’t be more confident of the team I’ve joined. As COO of Red Bull, I learned the importance of having a really strong team of top-of-their-game professionals behind you, and Earth Fund is no different. From my first meeting with everyone, I could just tell they were a first-rate team. When you’re working with a very new company with a big, exciting mission and they’ve already got an in-house creative team, in-house counsel, in-house dev that has worked on innumerable crypto projects, and a ton of successful entrepreneurs involved, then you know you’re joining something special.”

Earth Fund DAO LLC wants to use blockchain to give anybody in the world the ability to choose, fund and get involved with projects that could bring about real solutions to the climate crisis.

“We’re creating the new gold standard for crypto tokens,” Alex Vergara, community leader, says. “This goes way beyond digital currency, we’re launching a crypto token that gives you entry into a community where you have a real, meaningful voice in how the global approach to climate change is funded and coordinated.

By buying the token and joining the Earth Fund DAO, anybody in the world will have a vote on how the Earth Fund treasury is used to fund planet-saving projects around the world. That’s why we’re so excited to have Gary on board, giving us access to his years of experience growing huge, global brands to make sure everybody knows that if they want a voice in their future, they need to get involved with Earth Fund.”

As Earth Fund gets closer to launch, the word is spreading with a fast-growing online community waiting to hear when they should buy their token, get involved and start making a difference.

“Having grown a number of well-known brands, one of the early signals that a project will be a success is an engaged community that buys into the brand’s vision.”

In just three weeks, the Earth Fund team has managed to build an engaged community of over 65,000 people. That’s a really exciting sign not just for the token launch but for the future of this project too. And, as more people hear about our mission and want to buy the token to get involved, we’re anticipating even larger numbers and even faster community growth.”

The native token 1Earth gives people the ability to join the Earth Fund team in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and decide how the Earth Fund treasury is used and will start its private sale in the coming weeks.

To join their community ahead of launch, head to the website.


Alex Vergara

Earth Fund community leader

+1 (786) 348-6008