April 7, 2022 — Fortress Blockchain Technologies, the Web3 infrastructure company, has today released a cross-chain, embeddable, API-driven nonfungible token (NFT) wallet. 

Now, any enterprise can embed an NFT wallet directly into their applications. The Fortress Wallet can be incorporated into marketplaces and apps for music, art, gaming, social media, event ticketing, theme parks, real estate, healthcare, religious, corporate brands and others leveraging NFTs. 

Supporting WalletConnect v2.0, along with Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Binance Smart Chain, the Fortress NFT wallet provides the industry’s first cross-chain, user-friendly experience with a frictionless login, a native NFT viewer and password recovery utilities — while remaining completely secure — so all audiences can collect and use NFTs. 

“The blockchain, thanks to NFTs, will transform society and the economy today, just as the internet did in the nineties,” said Scott Purcell, founder and CEO of Fortress, “But the industry has been hamstrung by wallets that effectively require users to have a degree in computer science just to use and are impossible for third-party applications to embed, and now we’ve solved these very big problems.”

There are no more seed phrases, private keys, browser extensions or lost passwords, nor intrusive Anti-Money Laundering or Know Your Customer checks. 

“This is only the beginning,” said Kevin Lehtiniitty, co-founder and chief product officer of Fortress. “Our roadmap will accelerate fast to include unlimited folders for organizing your NFTs, options for NFT publishers to upload new private content to a previously minted NFT, new-content wallet alerts for NFT holders, the ability to hold and exchange cryptocurrency, options to open individual retirement accounts, royalty accounts and other types of custodial accounts, payment applications and, of course, support for many more blockchains.”

Fortress Wallet is releasing its API to give every innovator the power of effortless usability and audience engagement.

For more information, email wallet@fortress.xyz or visit fortress.app

About Fortress

Fortress builds technological, financial and regulatory infrastructure for NFT and crypto innovators that are driving commercial blockchain applications and adoption, onboarding the next billion people into NFTs.