Simulation games are addictive and have proven to stand the test of time. CropBytes stands out as a play-to-earn (P2E) game that started out in the early days of crypto and is still going strong. During a notable bull run in 2018, crypto games began to emerge well before the term metaverse was coined. With a vision to build a sustainable virtual economy, CropBytes’ journey over the years has made it one of the front-running metaverse projects.

Within a few months after its launch, the game gained popularity with flash sales of in-game assets. The crypto gaming community was ecstatic after the game’s first-version release with the game’s economy and in-game-assets use case. 

Today, CropBytes celebrates four years of crypto gaming. CropBytes is also the first crypto game that successfully launched on Android and iOS, attracting early adopters who still play today. Now, the game has more than 550,000 signups and 30,000 average monthly active users. It is one of the most discussed initiatives of the Web3 gaming revolution and the number-one simulation game on

CropBytes’ in-game economy has steadily grown during the past few years. At its highest point, players witnessed an increase in their portfolio by more than 8,900%. Currently, trades in the game economy are worth more than 7 million Tron (TRX) monthly.

CBX, the game’s in-game token, debuted on Bybit and Mexc in November 2021; it’s now live on LBank, ProBit and CBX serves as a mode of payment, a medium of exchange, access to participate in exclusive events and gives users the opportunity to trade in-game earnings on top exchanges. With the metaverse increasing in popularity through growing adoption, the demand for CBX continues to grow with unlimited potential.

Today, CropBytes is backed by major Web3 leaders such as Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon; Siddharth Menon, co-founder and chief operating officer of WazirX and founder of TegroFi; Nischal Shetty, co-founder and CEO of WazirX; and major venture capital firms, such as Draper Dragon, Exnetwork Capital, Master Ventures and more.

“We build and support Web3 games that can be played for years. This is possible with the help of ’Tegronomics.’ This week, CropBytes completes four years and is the best possible example of a sustainable game economy powered by Tegronomics at TegroFi,” said Roby John, co-founder of Tegro marketplace and CEO of SuperGaming.

CropBytes is hosting a Twitter Spaces on April 29 at 1:30 pm UTC to talk about the Web3-gaming space and the impact it has created. Speakers include prominent Web3 figures, including Menon, John and Sandeep Kumar, founder of CropBytes.

The CropBytes four-year success story will lead to many platforms and global events. Kumar will also speak at the India Game Developer Conference in Bangalore, India, on May 5. 

The game will release some exciting features in its road map, including multiplayer fishing, asset mining and a robust service economy. These features will allow players to play and earn CBX without investing. For more details, read CropBytes’ white paper.

Check out the website, white paper, Twitter and Telegram for more information.